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Domain of Heroes Guide

Updated on April 21, 2012

Domain of Heroes

Domain of Heroes is a fun easy to use, addicting browser game. It's not one of those games that you have to actively play to get good at it. You set your character up and its all automated for attacking and looting. The addicting part is collecting the drops and getting better items.

Getting started you choose between three factions the Knights, Brotherhood or the Legion. The faction that you choose will basically be your family, they help you and fight with you when controlling areas. The next step is to choose what type of character you want. You choose a class and race, each has it's own advantages and disadvantages and some work better together then others. Try out different combo's to find what suites you best. The character creation page does do a good job explaining how to set your character up.

After your character is created it will bring you to the actual game page. You will notice first up in the left hand corner is your basic character information such as HP/MP and EXP/VXP. Below this is a picture with some icons in the top corner. The house icon will take you to a nearby inn, the skull one will take you to an area to fight monsters and raise your EXP level, the third with swords will take you to a PVP map to fight for control over land and raise your VXP level. To get started click the skull icon to start fighting monsters. Each level has it's own area and you can no longer gain experience after you are five levels over the area. Each time you level you gain five stat points and one skill point. These can be added by going to the character and skill pages and putting them where you would like.

Items drop randomly and will go into your inventory and mule. The capacity starts off small and can be upgraded via wishes. Wishes are the special currency in the game and can be traded for upgrades and items with other players. Item drops can be improved by increasing your luck and magic find stats. As you find more items you can upgrade your equipped items or recycle the items for materials and regeants to improve other items. Another option is to sell the items to make more money, there are two ways of doing this. Items that are considered rare (green), epic (blue), legendary (purple), and mythical (red) can be scrapped to a scrapper for more money then they sell to the NPC. If you goto the Yard chat channel and ask to sell scrap another player will buy the items from you. This is a good source of income especially for newer players.

After you begin making money and upgrading your capacity in your inventory and mule you can start adding other things such as runes. Runes are kept in your inventory for them to take effect. They add additional stats like regular equipments.

There are several players dubbed as Helpers, Game Admins and Moderators who are very helpful for new players. Many of the other players are very helpful with new players as well and in many cases will help get a new player started if you introduce yourself on the main chat channel and ask for help.

This is a very user friendly game and I would recommend it. Here is the link so that you can join to:


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