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Dominion Makes You A King

Updated on September 21, 2010

Dominion Game

Dominion Game
Dominion Game

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Dominion makes you a king

Dominion Strategy Game is not just snakes and ladders like game for a kid. It develops the brain while giving you a great fun. It gives you a sense of being a ruler of a state. It gives you background to develop your organizational skills, management skills, team building skills, strategic thinking skills and also develops your will power towards the win. So Dominion Card Game is something like a University for kids. It is an ideal gift for Christmas, New Year, Birthday or any other occasion.  Dominion Card Game makes everybody of the family together involved to have and share the fun.

Features of Dominion Card Game

  • The options to play 2-4 players game
  • Takes 30 minutes for a game
  • It’s a Tactical Card game
  • Significant replay value
  • Easy to learn,
  • Many options and paths to win

What is Dominion Strategy Game briefly?

You are a king and so as the others you are playing with. Every king has an even objective and that is to make his kingdom bigger, more pleasant, and richer with well grown lands, fields, rivers and civilized population. So you are in a competition to be the greatest. There you will have to invade and fend unclaimed lands and rivers as much as possible to make your territory bigger, to develop the standard of the people there and to keep them united under your authority. You are not doing all these in a calm and peaceful environment as you are in a race to do those with your rivals. So all these bring you thrill and excitement in every second of the way. To win, you need to be tactful, watchful, careful, punctual, strategic and well organized.

Dominion Strategy Game

Dominion Strategy Game
Dominion Strategy Game

What are the benefits expected?

In short term,

  • Fun
  • Thrill and
  • Adventure


And in long term

  • Tactfulness
  • Watchfulness
  • Punctuality
  • Carefulness
  • Strategic thinking
  • Organizational skills
  • Political knowhow
  • Leadership skills
  • Time management knowhow and
  • Willpower etc


If you really love your kids, whatever you buy for them should help them for their present use as well as for their future development in some aspects. This is applicable for food items, clothing, books, toys or anything else. Most of the times for occasions like Christmas, New Year, Birthdays or anything else, we used to buy toys as gifts. Are we considering these benefits when we select any toy for our kids? The answer in most of the times is “No”.


But it is our duty to select the correct and most appropriate gift to our kids in order to give the maximum benefits to them as well as to give the maximum value to the money we spend. In that case Dominion Game is one of the best choices you can ever find in today’s market. That is why people who bought Dominion Game always thank us…….


Dominion Card Game

Dominion Card Game
Dominion Card Game

Customer Comments About Dominion Game


M. Nixon (BaltimoreMaryland)

A new excitement….

“Dominion is a deceptively simple appearing game which encompasses endless variation and fun”


Scott Federer (Michigan)

Re-unions busy families…

“In the days of technology and scheduled events we struggle to find times to connect with our children. Dominion has helped us renew that connection”


Matthew Atherton  (San Marcos, Ca)

Really worth the cost….

Trust me, the praise is well deserved. This is a great game that is easy to learn, yet very deep and fun”

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Dominion Game Best Price Save: $17.24 (38%) and Get FREE Shipping


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Dominion Game is the best gift for your kid in every mean for the Christmas, New Year or for his birthday which gives fun for the whole family of three generations and makes your kid a perfect adult in the future.

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