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The Dota 2 International 2014 Interactive Compendium Guide

Updated on July 5, 2014

The Compendium 2014

Much like last years version, the Interactive Compendium allows the players to contribute to The International's total prize pool. Players can also earn points by correctly predicting matches during the International, and earn rewards each time a stretch goal has been reached,

This year, Valve has introduced a leveling system to the Compendium. Allowing dedicated players to contribute more to the stretch goals. As you level, you will earn even more rewards and increase the amount of Battle Points you earn.

Purchasing a Compendium

The Interactive Compendium can be purchased from the Dota 2 Store website or through the Dota 2 client for $9.99 USD. As of now, it includes an exclusive Lieutenant Squawkins Courier, an Evolving Battle Booster, a treasure containing 3 loading screens, and a special HUD for the International 4. It also includes any stretch goal unlocks. Note that you will get ALL previous rewards regardless of when you buy the Compendium.

The International Compendium 2014 can be purchased here.

Stretch Goal Rewards

Current Stretch Goal as of 11/05/2014
Current Stretch Goal as of 11/05/2014

For every Compendium purchased $2.50 will be added to the total prize pool of The International. Every time a stretch goal has been reached, the reward will be unlocked for every owner of a Compendium.

  1. $1,800,000: Unlock the Evolving Battle Point Booster. Increases the amount of Battle Point bonus you get as your Compendium level increases. ✔
  2. $2,000,000: Unlock a few treasures containing Dota 2 Loading Screens. Includes three treasures. You get more treasures depending on your Compendium level.✔
  3. $2,200,000: Unlock the ability for Compendium owners to vote on which Hero should receive the next Arcana.✔
  4. $2,400,000: Unlock a new Compendium themed HUD.✔
  5. $2,600,000: Unlock the ability for Compendium owners to vote on the participants of an 8 player Solo Championship at The International.✔
  6. $2,900,000: Unlock the All Random Deathmatch game mode (for everyone, not just Compendium owners).✔
  7. $3,200,000: Unlock a treasure containing Valve created Immortal items. You get more treasures depending on your Compendium level.✔
  8. $3,500,000: Unlock new a set of emoticons that can be used in Dota 2 chat.✔
  9. $4,000,000: Unlock the Mini-Pudge courier. Alternative skin can be unlocked by getting your Compendium to level 50.✔
  10. $4,500,000: Unlock a new music pack for Dota 2.✔
  11. $5,000,000: Unlock 1v1 mid-lane-only Match-making option (for everyone, not just Compendium owners).✔
  12. $5,500,000: Unlock new environmental effects in the Dota map.✔
  13. $6,000,000: Unlock an item that allows Compendium owners to customize a building in their base.✔

Which Stretch Goal are you most looking forward to?

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Additional Stretch Goals

Extra stretch goals have been added to the Compendium.

  • (Hidden) $6,400,000: Unlocks a special Techies taunt animation with added visual effects. Techies will also taunt enemies in their death cam when kill by you. Item granted to all compendium owners when Techies is released after The International. ✔
  • (14) $6,800,000: Unlock the ability to earn 25 compendium points every day by winning a game with the Hero we choose for you. ✔
  • (15) $7,200,000: Unlock the ability to vote for the Hero you'd like to receive a new, alternate voice & dialogue pack. ✔
  • (16) $7,600,000: Unlock a GPM/XPM analysis tool during the game to help you compare your performances. Win 10 games by July 28th to earn compendium pts. ✔
  • (17) $8,000,000: Unlock the ability to vote for the Hero you'd like to receive a reworked mode ✔
  • (18) $8,400,000: Unlocks an item that customizes your Multi-Kill Banner. ✔
  • (19) $8,800,000: Live Broadcasting of the after party with special guest Darude. DUDUDUDUUDUUDUDUUDU. ✔
  • (20) $9,200,000: Unlocks new models for your creeps after you've killed the enemy barracks. (Available to all players, not just Compendium Owners) ✔
  • (21) $9,600,000: Unlocks a new quest system will be added to track your progress, and earn you rewards as you win. (Available to all players) ✔
  • (22): $10,000,000: Unlocks the ability for you to perform a voice taunt with your Hero in the early stages of the game. ✔

Which Additional Stretch Goal are you most looking forward to?

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New Scoring System

Every 100 points will level up your Compendium. By leveling up, you will get more immortal treasures, unlock custom in-game effects, get bonus Loading Screens and increase your Battle Point Booster percentage.

For those who want to throw money at Valve, they will receive various custom visuals, such as custom effects for teleporting, healing at fountain, Bottle, Blink Dagger, and Dagon. These level up Custom Effects last until July 28th.

If you reach level 50 on your Compendium, you will also receive a special alternate skin of the Mini-Pudge courier when the stretch goal is reached.

List of possible rewards through leveling the Compendium.
List of possible rewards through leveling the Compendium.

Players also have the option of purchasing packs of points to quickly level up their Compendium and support the tournament more. 25% of point sales goes to the overall prize pool.

  • $2.49 USD – 500 points
  • $4.99 USD – 1100 points
  • $9.99 USD – 2400 points

*NEW* Mini-Pudge Courier

The new update comes with the massively anticipated Pudge courier. If you own or purchase a Compendium, you will receive your very own Pudgling.

If your Compendium reaches Level 50 then you'll also get his extra alternate style. This upgraded version will also come with a golden hook with custom particle effects.

Mini-Pudge courier
Mini-Pudge courier
Alternative style (Unlocked at level 50)
Alternative style (Unlocked at level 50)

*NEW* Chat Emoticons

These new emoticons work in-game and also in the dashboard chat rooms. Owning the Compendium gives you access to all 25 emoticons forever.

*NEW* Weather Effects

Weather Effects are items you can equip to change the environment in your game. If you have a Compendium, then you'll immediately get all three of the in-game Weather Effects: Snow, Moonlight, and Rain.


What is a custom courier?

It is a cosmetic item that can be equipped. It replaces the default donkey skin of the courier, and can be seen when you purchase and use the courier in game.This change is purely cosmetic.

The International Courier

This years International mascot is Kunkka's faithful Lieutenant Squawkins! This cuddly courier is unlocked once your Compendium reaches level 4. As you continue to level up the Compendium, more styles for this parrot will be unlocked (at level 24 and 41).

Lieutenant Squawkins in game
Lieutenant Squawkins in game
Row Boat Style (Unlocked at level 24)
Row Boat Style (Unlocked at level 24)
Sail Boat Style (Unlocked at level 41)
Sail Boat Style (Unlocked at level 41)

What are Battle Point Boosters?

Battle Point Boosters are consumable items that temporarily increases the amount of Battle Points earned by the user. Gaining Battle Points increases the player's Profile Level, and awards players with random cosmetic items.

Evolving Battle Point Booster

The Evolving Battle Booster is unique in that it increases as your Compendium level increases. This item also stacks with normal Battle Boosters. The duration of the Evovlving Battle Booster lasts until July 28th, and has unlimited uses. The Battle Point Booster starts at 200% when you first activate your Compendium.

  • Level 1: 200%
  • Level 32: 300%
  • Level 45: 400%
  • Level 100: 500%

After Level 100, you will add an extra 100% to your Battle Point Booster every 100 levels.

What are Loading Screens?

Loading screens are equitable inventory items that change the loading screen appearance while the game is loading.

Loading Screen Treasure

The Portfolio of Heroes Triumphant has now been released and sent out to Compendium owners.

The chest requires no key and each one will unbox a total of three loading screens (with no duplicates).

What is an Arcana?

Arcana is a type of rarity that exists within the cosmetic world of Dota 2. Arcana items are the rarest of dropable items (items that can be obtained simply by playing), capable of adding new models, sounds, spell effects, and HUD icons for a Hero.

Arcana Vote

Vote for the next Arcana set to be added to the Dota 2 store! The Arcana Vote has been unlocked and is ready for input on your Compendium. This voting is unique in that you vote for your favorite hero in each of the 16 groups to ensure their survival. Those that remain will then be pitted against each other in a single-elimination voting deathmatch to determine which will receive the next Arcana.

What are HUD skins?

They are items that modify the appearance of the in-game heads-up display.

Special Edition HUD

The fourth stretch goal special edition HUD has now been released. Valve seems to have a more simplistic look for this year's HUD. None the less, I personally think it looks great.

Solo Champion Vote

You can now vote for who you want to take part in the solo championship. Choose up to 8 professional players to be pitted against each other in a 1 versus 1, middle only tournament.

Immortal Treasures

Once the Immortal Treasure stretch goal is reached, you will receive an Immortal Treasure. Every Immortal Treasure contains a different item with a chance to get an exceptionally rare item. For every 10 levels, you will also be granted an extra Immortal Treasure. Not much is currently known about this treasure yet. I will keep this updated as more information is released.


The Compendium Immortals are now available as mentioned. They are opened from the Immortal Strongboxes that you gain by leveling up your Compendium. You can gain one of the following Immortals and a chance to gain an extra bonus drop detailed below.

Mecha Boots of Travel Mk III for Tinker

  • Custom teleport start particles
  • Custom teleport end particles
  • Custom Boots of Travel Icon
  • Custom Ambient Effects
  • Custom Sound Effects

The Lightning Orchid for Storm Spirit

  • Custom Sound effects
  • Custom Lightning Ball Effect
  • Custom particles for eyes
  • Custom particles for head
  • Custom Loadout stance
  • Custom particles for Portrait
  • Custom Orchids effect
  • Custom Lightning Ball Icon

Muh Keen Gun for Sniper

  • Custom base attack particles
  • Custom Snipe crosshair
  • Custom Assassinate particles
  • Custom Sound effects
  • Custom Shrapnel Particles
  • Custom Animations
  • Custom Ability Icons for Shrapnel and Assassinate

Fin King's Charm for Lion

  • Custom Fix Hex Model
  • Custo Sound Effects
  • Custom Hex Skill Icon
  • Custom Hex particle effects

Rampant Outrage for Axe

  • Custom Berserker's Call particles
  • Custom sound effects
  • Custom particles for the mask
  • Custom Ability Icon

Merry Wanderer's Brush for Puck

  • Custom Ambient particles
  • Custom Illusory Orb particles
  • Custom Illusory Orb skill icon

Yulsaria's Glacier for Crystal Maiden

  • Custom Crystal Nova Particles
  • Custom Ambient Particle Effects
  • Custom Ability Icons for Crystal Nova
  • Custom Sound Effects

Sylvan Cascade for Windranger

  • Custom Windrun particles
  • Custom Ambient Particles
  • Custom Windrun Skill Icon

Fluttering Mortis for Death Prophet

  • Custom Carrion Swarm particles
  • Custom Inkling Ambient Effect
  • Custom Carrion Swarm Skill Icon

Kindred of the Iron Dragon for Dragon Knight | BONUS DROP

  • Custom Dragon Form Model
  • Custom Dragon Form Dragon Tail Particles
  • Custom Dragon Tail Particles

Hellborn Grasp for Warlock | BONUS DROP

  • Custom Upheaval particles
  • Custom rain of Chaos particles
  • Custom Fatal Bonds particles
  • Custom Shadow Word particles
  • Custom Upheaval skill icon
  • Custom Animations

Compendium Objectives

Don't have the money to buy points? Have no fear, you can complete objectives to level up your Compendium!

This year’s Compendium features objectives you can complete to earn points. The 10 Hero Challenge for example, will assign you to ten random heroes in which you can earn points by winning with them.

Much like the New Bloom Festival, you can now offer your duplicate or plain unwanted items to the Offering of the Aegis in exchange for points towards your Compendium level. Compendium points are rewarded every week and items will also be rewarded depending on your generosity.

A revamped Fantasy League format. Each Compendium owner will be granted a ticket to compete in Dota Fantasy Season 1, starting May 19. There is also not much known about this feature yet.

  • Offerings of the Aegis: 25-50 points per week
  • Play-In Series Predictions: 25 points
  • Play-In Series Accuracy: 25 points
  • Top Six Predictions: 25 points
  • Join Dota Fantasy League Season One: 25 points
  • Participate In Fantasy League Draft: 25 points
  • Watch 10 games at The International: 200 points
  • Top Six Accuracy (Any Order): 2000 points
  • Top Six Accuracy (Exact Order): 10000 points

Potential Areas To Earn Points

  • Pick Your Favorite Team: 25 points
  • Pick Your Favorite Player: 25 points
  • Qualifier Prediction: 50 points
  • Qualifier Prediction Accuracy: 100 points
  • Vote On The All-Stars Match: 50 points
  • Complete the 10 Hero Challenge: 300 points
  • Watch 10 Qualifier Matches: 100 points
  • Collect 5 Player Cards: 25 points
  • Collect a Team’s Player Cards: 100 points
  • Collect All Player Cards: 500 points

You can keep track of your points directly from inside the Compendium.
You can keep track of your points directly from inside the Compendium.


The Compendium contains a range of features seen the past such as team predictions, event predictions and more.
The Compendium contains a range of features seen the past such as team predictions, event predictions and more.

Several pages of the compendium are dedicated to predictions of what will happen during the Qualifiers and the tournament. Some predictions can be can be quite fun, such as predicting the amount of couriers killed, while some can be challenging such as predicting the highest amount of damage a single hero will deal. As part of the new Compendium Objectives, you can easily level up your book by correctly predicting the outcomes. There is also a chance to get 10,000 points by predicting the order in which the International is won.

All Star Match

Create your dream team!
Create your dream team!

Much like last year, this page will allow you to create two dream teams which will compete for fun during the International. This game will purely be for entertainment of fans, and will be streamed through the Dota 2 client.

Team Profiles

At the end of the Compendium, you will find the Appendix, which includes the Team Profiles section. The Team Profile section features information about the the teams in The International such as their country of origin and past team accomplishments, and also each players top tournament picks.

How much are you going to spend on your Compendium

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