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Dota 2 Merchandise

Updated on May 26, 2013

DoTA 2 Collectibles, Merch and Gifts

Dota 2 has quickly become one of the most popular MOBA games out there and the biggest and most played game on Steam right now, so it's only natural that DoTA 2 has a huge variety of merchandise for the fans to buy and drool over. There's plenty of t-shirt, merch and collectibles for the true DoTA 2 fan to buy. On this page I will show you just some of items in the sea of DoTA 2 merch that's out there, I hope you find at least something you like on this page, and even if you don't want to buy anything it's always fun to look what kind of items there is to get when it comes to DoTA2 merchandise.

If you get interested in any of these items or merch on this page I included a link with more info and better picture either below the image or in the description, so you can easily get the info you want.

DoTA 2 Gaming Equipment

These gaming mouse and mouse pad all comes from Steelseries.
Steelseries are known in the gaming community for their quality gaming equipment that has all the features a true gamer would want, the gaming mouse for example has like programmable buttons and quality that last way beyond regular computer mouses. The mouse is a optical, ambidextrous mouse which might not say much to you but that solid quality. Both the gaming mouse and the mouse pad comes with the DoTA 2 logo and design.

You can click the images to read more about them and to see bigger pictures of the designs, there's also reviews and specs in the link.

DOTA 2 Donkey Courier Plush


The DoTA 2 Donkey courier is a cute little plush animal made out of textile, you might have seen this little donkey in-game running around the map like crazy with his wings and googles on. You can remove the tiny googles from the donkey if you like. And if you order the Donkey plush you get a promotional code that you can unlock on Steam and get the special Zonkey Courier inside DoTA 2, so you actually get two items, one plushie and a in-game item.

You can click here if you want to find out more;

DOTA 2 Donkey Courier Plush

DoTA 2 Inflatable Toys


DoTA 2 T-shirts

There's a few really cool t-shirt from DoTA 2 for those who like to wear the game everywhere, or mabye wants to have a t-shirt with their favorite hero from the game. There's far from one t-shirt for all the heroes yet, but mabye that's because there's such a insane amount of heroes in the game. You can find a few t-shirts down below, it's Tidehunter, Axe and Wizard & Donkey. If you want to get one of those or want to check out more t-shirt I suggest you head over to Jinx Dota 2 shop, there you can find these t-shirts and a few more, enjoy!

Jinx DoTA 2 T-shirt Shop

DOTA 2 Tidehunter Premium Tee


DOTA 2 Wizard and Donkey Premium Tee


DOTA 2 Axe Premium Tee


DoTA 2 Limited Edition Collectibles

The people over at Weta have made limited edition merchandise for Valve games for awhile now and now it's DoTA2's turn for some amazing stuff, these items are a bit expensive so I'm guessing you need to be a true fan to buy any of these. The people over at Weta are known for making limited edition and high quality figures, movie props and gaming related merchandise.

For DoTA 2 they even made life-size weapons, a few swords and a shield from the game, they look fantastic whit incredible details and design, would look amazing hanging on the wall. Keep in mind that they're life-size! (28" x 7.3" x 1.6") so these arn't any miniature toy swords, these looks real and epic, you really get a DoTA feel from these sword. But of course it comes with a cost, all the weapons and the figure (Axe) that you can see on the right each cost from $249 to $299 plus shipping, but quality come at a cost as we all know.

I included some pictures of them down below and you can also check out the Dota 2 store over at Wetas homepage over here.


Do you have any DoTA 2 merchandise?

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