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Dota 2 - Pro Tips for Playing Centaur Warrunner

Updated on March 18, 2014

Hoof Stomp has a small radius

It's already sad that somebody so huge has a stomp radius smaller than Slardar's Slithereen Crush, the 0.5 second delay certainly does not help either, thus making Hoof Stomp one to hardest stuns to land.

The skill is often heralded by the signature "charge at an opponent for no apparent reason, run side by side, lift the front hooves half a mile high and boom!", any decent player would have spotted it coming from a mile away. Here are some tips for a successful stomp:

  • If you are going to chase down the enemy the old fashioned way, make sure you have superior movement speed
  • Stampede + Stomp is probably the easiest setup as the slow from stampede will ensure your stomp lands
  • Mobility items like blink dagger, force staff can quickly close down the distance and give you an element of surprise
  • Faking a stomp. If an enemy jukes too much, you can give them a taste of their own medicine by faking your stomp by pressing "Stop" right before the stun lands
  • Cancel a stomp if it is not going to land. It's very easy for enemies to juke left and right at the very last moment, if you think they are out of the range, just cancel and go again
  • Fog of War stomp. Hide on high ground or behind a tree and surprise them!

The green circle is the range of Double Edge (mouse of Double Edge), Hoof Stomp range would be roughly twice of that.
The green circle is the range of Double Edge (mouse of Double Edge), Hoof Stomp range would be roughly twice of that.

Double Edge cost no mana

And the AoE is bigger than the casting range. If your HP Regen is sufficient, do use this skill to harass or farm jungle. It should also be your primary pushing spell late game. Once you have a Heart of Tarasque, spam this kill whenever possible to grab extra farm.

Here's a cool but risky trick when jungling with Centaur: Drop your tranquil boots on the ground, double edge and kill the neutrals then pick up the tranquil boots. You will immediately have the 12HP regen and you can efficiently spam Double Edge. Note: NEVER do this if there are invisible heroes/units on the other side.

Double Edge damages units 180 degrees in front of Centaur
Double Edge damages units 180 degrees in front of Centaur

Double Edge does magical damage

Double Edge does magical damage to both the enemies and Centaur. With Hood of Deviance or Pipe of Insight, a level 4 Double Edge (400 damage) will do 300 damage to enemy heroes with 25% magic resistance, while Centaur losses only 210HP.

Double Edge being magical damage means that you can't damage heroes with magic immunity, but this also means that if Centaur has Black King Bar or Repel, Double Edge does no damage to himself.

Return damages tower

So man up and draw aggro from the tower to speed up the pushing process.To force aggro of tower on you, just attack any enemy hero anywhere on the map while you are in tower range, or be the closest target attacking the tower.

Auto-attack vs Return

Return is unbelievably good if your opponents have auto-attack turned on. This is because Return damages them the moment they start to auto-attack you, the more they spam "STOP" the better it is for you. And the best part is that you won't take any damage at all!

Have one level in Return early on against heroes with auto-attack (especially range heroes), position yourself to be the nearest auto-attack target, then laugh at them stumbling to stop their attacks while their HP melt away.

A funny video (fast forward to 7:50)

Multipurpose Stampede

Centaur can use Stampede to:

  • Initiate a fight for Centaur or allies. Every heroes on your team is an initiator with this skill. Stampede is especially useful for melee carry heroes as they can quickly get within attack range and the opponent will be slowed.
  • Chase down enemies. There's no escaping a team running at maximum speed!
  • Set up for Hoof Stomp. Landing a stomp with this will never be a problem again.
  • Escape. Not only for yourself, but for your allies as well. So keep a lookout for any teammates in trouble and don't be shy to turn on the lawnmower.
  • Just for the mind games. Trick the enemy into thinking they are getting ganked and ...... (let your creativity run loose here)

Tranquil Boots lane harassment

Centaur is all about HP Regen. The more HP regen you have, the stronger your lane dominance and the faster you farm. It is very easy to farm a Tranquil Boots as your first item and make plays with it.

With Tranquil Boots, a Centaur can:

  • Harass enemy. Walk up to them, stomp + double-edge + auto-attacks a few times until half HP then run back to get Tranquil Boots regen. Repeat and dominate the lane.
  • Once you dominate the lane, zone out the enemies. If they come in close, harass them more. If they auto-attack you, they'll take damage. It's a win-win situation. If you took too much damage, just back-off and wait for the Tranquil Regen to kick in.
  • Jungle. Double-edge + Return + Tranquil on the ground trick can clear low & medium camps fairly easily without losing health. Note: High level camps can do a lot of damage on Centaur early on so you might want just want to stack early on.

Harassment into complete zoning for total lane dominance
Harassment into complete zoning for total lane dominance

Blade Mail on Centaur

As a Tanker, you would want your opponents to concentrate their fire on you in a team fight, and buying a Blade Mail would certainly make you an even more UNDESIRABLE target, considering that they already have to deal with the damage from Return.

However, Blade Mail on Centaur is actually very useful in certain situations. Situations when the enemies have a lot AoE spell. Centaur has such huge HP pool and should always try to find way to hurt himself during Blade Mail duration.

"KotL about to bust out an Illuminate? Gimme. Chaos Meteor rolling around? I love meatballs. Bloodseeker Rupture you for some reason? Yeeeeehaw." ~Tsunami643 Reddit Post

Centaur has the highest strength gain but no the highest base strength. Which hero has the highest base strength in Dota 2?

See results

Got any tips for Centaur Warrunner? Leave them here!

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    • Michael Poon profile image

      Michael 3 years ago from Australia

      another awesome hub :) i can see you put a lot of effort into your hubs, quality over quantity!

    • profile image

      Mogul Khan 3 years ago

      Thanks for your awesome guide to let them counter me sir.

      It is very detailed and fun to read.

      Good day sir!