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Download A Car For The Sims 3

Updated on August 31, 2011
The Sims 3 2012 Ford Focus
The Sims 3 2012 Ford Focus

Life would be much better, and easier if we could all download cars as and when needed. It might have a slightly higher road toll, but that's just the price we'd have to pay for instantaneous vehicular gratification.

There are several cars available for download in The Sims 3 Store, some of them are availiable free of charge as part of marketing deals cut between EA and the overlords who want you to buy the latest Ford Focus. But more on that later. There are also free cars available on Mod The Sims. Mod The Sims have recently streamlined their mod installation process to make it even simpler for people who may not have much experience with computers to be able to download custom content, so don't be afraid of checking out their site and the free downloads there. A great many of them, like the first car featured in this article, are of a quality equal to, and in many cases, higher than those you'll find in the official Sims 3 store.

The Sims 3 Vintage Corvette

This beautiful 1960 Chevrolet Corvette created by sim modder Fresh Prince can be downloaded completely free of charge from Mod The Sims, and is completely recolorable (with separate options for the main body and the side panels,) so you can paint it to your heart's content. Though it's free for you, it's not exactly a cheap option for your sims, but they will get the 'expensive car' bonus when they ride around in it.

Whilst you're there, stick around to view more cars from the same modder, including the 2010 Audi R8 and the classic 1950 Ford F 1 Pick-Up Truck

The Sims3 Toyota Prius
The Sims3 Toyota Prius

Cars from The Sims 3 Store

As I mentioned earlier, it's also relatively easy to pick up a sweet deal on branded cars from The Sims 3 store. As I write, you can download a 2012 Ford Focus from the Sims 3 store, no sim points down. You'll find this car in the 'Branded Content' section of the store.

Also available for download are the Toyota Prius, which as part of the Ten Years of Prius campaign comes with t-shirts for your sims, new plant decor items and coolest of all in my opinion, a windmill ornament, which should be very popular indeed with eco-friendly sims.

And last, but probably not least, there's the 2011 Ford Fiesta Hatchback, suitable for sims with large families who are always on the go. Other items included with the Ford Fiesta include: Fiesta Urban Style graffiti, Never Get Lost Again street sign, Maid o' Meter parking space with meter, Hot Stuff Crossing! sign, and Street Struttin' Street Light sign. Everything you need for the urban jungle.


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