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Dragon Age 2 Corypheus Prison - Sashamiri Floor

Updated on July 30, 2011

Dragon Age 2 Corypheus Prison

Dragon Age 2 Corypheus Prison - Sashamiri Floor
Dragon Age 2 Corypheus Prison - Sashamiri Floor

Dragon Age 2 Corypheus Prison - Sashamiri's Floor

In Dragon Age 2 Legacy DLC, the only way out after the dragon age 2 vimmark chasm descend is to go further down into dragon age 2 corypheus prison - Sashamiri's Floor. There is no way out once this floor is assessed,as can be seen from the barrier in the doorway. Within this floor is a storage chest for players to swap old items out and store new ones, and also a party horn for swapping party members deemed to be unsuitable or more suitable for this stage of the game. In Dragon Age 2 Corypheus Prison, there are three or four stages including Malcolm's Will, Meeting the Tainted Warden and Dragon Age 2 Defeating the First Guardian and Breaking the First Seal.

Dragon Age 2 Legacy Malcolm's Will Quest

In Dragon Age 2 Legacy, Hawke and party encounter some old foes with new makeovers - Genlocks under the command of Hurlocks. These Genlocks look nastier and bulkier, but are still easy cannon fodder at this stage. Defeat them and proceed to Malcolm's Will quest. Touch the two red lights on the two walls and then deactivate the barrier unlocking the shade by touching the third seal on the prison barrier. Before doing this, prepare for two big fights at the Hard or Nightmare level, as more shades will be summoned. It may be useful to use a templar to dispel the magic of the leading Shade. Or alternatively, use a warrior with massive damage to destroy the leading Shade. Use Area attack spells on the other shades.

After defeating all the shades, Malcolm's Will Quest will be activated. Malcolm Hawke, father of the champion of Kirkwall, has binded these shades into prisons to prevent them from escaping. Defeat all the shades and complete the quest and rewards await the player.

Dragon Age Stuff

Dragon Age 2 LegacyTainted Warden

Follow the path (not much choice here) to find a tainted man. Later on in this level, this man is revealed to be a tainted Grey Warden. Just how wardens can become tainted leaves a lot to speculation, as prior to this point in the dragon age universe, it was felt that grey wardens cannot be tainted. Anyhow, speak to the crazy man, and he reveals that the only way out of Corypheus Prison is down....... naturally. To find the way out, at each floor, Hawke must use the Hawke's Key to break each seal. Each seal is, of course, guarded by a special Guardian. The crazy warden breaks off from his conversation and runs off in search of Corypheus' voice.

Dragon Age 2 Defeating the First Guardian

Head further into the floor, and find the first seal. Touching the seal will release the first guardian which looks like a fire elemental of some kind. To defeat this first guardian, use two mages to use Petrify in turn to prevent the guardian from moving. Next focus the fighers on the guardian. Also use Hex of Torment to increase damage on the guardian. Then just pound the guardian until it collapses.

The crazy man then appears and tells Hawke to use his key to unlock the seal. After unlocking the seal, proceed past more Dragon Age 2 Legacy New Monsters, and head into the next floor of Corypheus' Prison.


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