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Dragon Age 2 Isabella

Updated on April 2, 2011

Dragon Age 2 Isabella

Dragon Age 2 Isabella
Dragon Age 2 Isabella

Dragon Age 2 Isabella - Romancing Isabella

In dragon age 2, Isabella can join Hawke after the Anders quest in Part 1 of dragon age 2. In Act 1, Hawke can only flirt with Isabella if Hawke wants to romance Isabella. Taking on anything more serious is not possible at this stage.

In Dragon Age 2 Act 2, Isabella will approach Hawke at his estate for a night of pleasure. After this, if Hawke wants to romance Isabella, question her about her beliefs in love and romance. Isabella will open up and speak about how her first marriage was arranged through her mum and involving a trade of some goats and coins. Her husband was "taken care of" by Zevrain, the rogue who was the Grey Warden's companion in Dragon Age. Isabella takes over the captaincy of the ship that once belonged to her husband. She also disclosed that she once believed in love, having fallen in love with a man, but broke his heart by walking away. She has avoided romances since.

At the end of Dragon Age Act 2, Isabella will become the object of contention between the Arishok (the horned head of the Qunari) and Hawke. Isabella tries to return the Tome of Koslun. Hawke must make a choice between taking on the Arishok or letting the Ashirok take Isabella. The choice is obvious. Isabella leaves Hawke at the end of Dragon Age Act 2.

In dragon age 2 Act 3, if Hawke had done all the correct things leading up to the meeting with Isabella in act 3, then Isabella will meet Hawke in the Hanged Man and say that she is falling for Hawke and would like him to adventure with her on her pirate ship when the adventures of Hawke in Dragon Age 2 ends.

Dragon Age 2 Isabella - Training the Rogue

In dragon age 2, isabella is the most dangerous backstabbing rogue there is in the game. Her attacks are fast and devastating, and should be built up to exploit this trait of her as the rogue.

The first step is to arm her with weapons that deal as much damage as quickly as possible and with the highest ability to produce critical hits as far as possible. Next aim to level her up in Dexterity and Cunning. There needs to be a balance between the two as increases in Dexterity (increases damage) offsets the increase in critical hit probability that can happen with increases in Cunning. Also use Varric to open complex chests and avoid using Isabella, as this will ensure a more explosive Isabella in the battlefield.

In combat and ability skills, train Isabella in backstabbing and critical hits. Remember to combine critical hits with stuns so that Isabella can not only stun the opponent, but take out massive amounts of damage on the opponent. The drawback is that Isabella does not have much stamina or hit points, so try to finish the combat as fast as possible. Or use Anders to haste Isabella or heal Isabella.


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