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Dragon Age Origins Cutscene Gift Guide

Updated on February 14, 2010

Which gift to please Morrigan?

You've no doubt reached this page from my Dragon Age: Origins gift guide hub. I hope it has been very helpful in your Dragon Age journey! Expanding a little further, I present to you my Dragon Age Origins Cutscene Gift Guide! My, isn't that a mouthful?

Here I will list the gifts which the Dragon Age Origins characters appreciate so much; that they trigger cut scenes! From Alistair's mother's amulet to Morrigan's strange obsession with shinies, I hope I don't forget anything!

Bear in mind, that alike to the gift guide, there be spoilers ahoy! So be careful if you haven't completed the game. I'll try to order them beginning with least revealing.

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Where to begin?

Let's start with our beloved Alistair. I'll be telling you what the gifts are, and where to get them. If you have a more detailed description of the location: please let me know. I can't remember them all, so all I have to go by is vague external sources: help me one-up the competition!


Cutscene Gift 1:

  • Alistair's Mother's Amulet
  • Gift location: Main floor of Castle Redcliffe.

Cutscene Gift 2:

  • Duncan's Shield
  • Gift location: Armor Stand inside the Denerim market's shady warehouse.


Cutscene Gift 1:

  • Black Grimoire
  • Gift location: First Enchanter's (Irving's) Room inside Mage Circle Tower.

Cutscene Gift 2:

  • Flemeth's Grimoire
  • Gift location: You guessed it... Flemeth's hut!

Cutscene Gift 3:

  • Golden Mirror
  • Gift location: Sold by Garin in Orzammar Commons.


Cutscene Gift:

  • Sten's Sword
  • Gift location: Dwyn in Redcliffe Village (the Dwarf in a house refusing to defend against the undead). You can convince him to give to you, buy it, or kill him.


Cutscene Gift 1:

  • Antivan Leather Boots
  • Gift location: Locked chest in Village of Haven shop.

Cutscene Gift 2:

  • Dalish Gloves
  • Gift location: In a chest near Sloth demon camp trap in West Brecilian Forest.


Cutscene Gift 1:

  • Nug
  • Gift location: Orzammar Commons. You can find one yourself, or tell the Nug handler how much your girlfriend loves them, and buy one.

Cutscene Gift 2:

  • Andraste's Grace
  • Gift location 1: Under the giant tree in the Elven Alienage
  • Gift location 2: Near the Mill in Redcliffe Village
  • Gift location 3: West Brecilian Forest


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    • Nemdam profile image

      Nemdam 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Its in a secret room, here is a detailed answer I found "After you save the one Grey Warden from Howe's estate in Denerim during the landsmeet quest, reoric or something, you can go through a few options and he will mention a vault and say he will talk to you later about it, then later after you either broke out of prison, or killed the guards that try apprehend you, you talk to him again at the Arl of Redcliffe's estate (He's located in the same room as the arl.) and ask him about the vault once more, he'll give you the location and the combination to it, then its in the warehouse near the Noble tavern place at the Market District. There's two bookcases in the back, go up to the one on the left and activate it and voila, the shield is in the back I think on an armor stand or in one of the closet thingies."

    • profile image

      soddy 7 years ago

      i couldn't find duncans shield in the warehouse any ideas where else it could be?