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Dragon Age Origins Final Battle Strategy Guide

Updated on August 30, 2012

This is all about my personal strategy for defeating the final boss of Dragon Age: Origins, the Archdemon. This is a very challenging fight but, with good tactics, becomes relatively simple but it can often take a while to get it right as it is a difficult fight.


You should start by instantly changing to your healer (probably Wynne) and then make sure that all three of your teammates are pummelling the Arch demon for all their worth. The healer should then run up to the catapult nearest to the Arch demon and start shooting it. Be warned, your heals cannot reach the rest of the team from up there, so you will have to run down to the bottom of the hill. Eventually when you get overwhelmed by the Arch demons force just permanently stay at the bottom of the hill.

After you have taken down 25% of the Arch demon’s health he will fly away to a bit further away. At this point you should call in the soldiers of Redcliffe as they shall kill lots of the darkspawn that have suddenly appeared to save their leader, or at least keep their attention. Make sure that the rest of your team is damaging the Arch demon then run up to the next catapult. Shoot him a lot and eventually he shall only have 50% of his total health remaining and he shall fly to the next section.


At this point the Arch demon will have flown to a section where you cannot hit him with your swords. Although your first impulse will probably be to get out your ranged weapons this strategy takes for ever and you will probably die in the process so you should select your entire team then run to the catapult that is nearest to the Arch demons current position. Your team must always be covering you. When you reach the catapult de-select your entire team however they will stay on the platform and help defend you. The soldiers of Redcliffe shall distract most of the darkspawn’s attention and any that get past will get destroyed by the rest of your team. You should always be shooting the catapult as much as you can and although this takes ages, it shall take of 50% of his remaining health and your party should still be in good shape.


This is the hardest part of the entire battle. All of the remaining darkspawn come and will overpower you very quickly if you were on your own. But that is why you have your armies. At this point if you have run out of Redcliffe soldiers then summon the dwarves of Orzammar. Once again you select your entire team and head to another catapult. When you reach the catapult de-select your party shall help protect you. The armies shall help to defend you but shall also help to kill the Arch demon. Eventually  the Arch demon shall die and then you must decide which Grey Warden shall give the finishing blow. That Grey Warden shall then die.


Extra Tips


·         Never forget about your role as a healer!

·         Never heal yourself using magic, use health potion.

·         If anyone dies revive them as fast as you can.

·         If you need to heal someone bad but are waiting for heal to recharge either switch to that character and use a health potion or use a group heal.

·         The person with the least health is not always the person that need healing. Look at who the Arch demon is actually attacking at that moment.

·         Don’t waste all your mana on people who don’t really need healing.

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    • atechwiz profile image

      atechwiz 5 years ago

      Nice strategy. I am not near this yet but will keep these tips in mind.