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Dragon City Facebook Game App

Updated on August 6, 2012

Dragon City

Dragon City is a Social Point game that is played through Facebook. It is currently a top trending Facebook game with over 671,000 likes. This game grabbed my attention because I personally have a fascination with dragons and the way the game plays.

How To Play

The idea of the game is to breed new types of dragons and raise their levels. Later in the game you can attack other players with your dragons. There is much to do in this game however not so much to do at one sitting as it is more of a collect and upgrade then wait type of game.

You begin by building an earth habitat and hatching an earth dragon. The first few goals you are provided with enough gems (the buy with cash currency) to speed up the building and hatching process. The purebred Earth dragon provides one of the highest gold per minute rate. However the Earth habitat has the lowest max gold limit. This can be overcome later by upgrading the habitat. You can level your dragons by feeding them. Each times the dragon levels the amount of gold per minute increases. Gold is used to grow food, clear obstacles, build habitats and more. Early in the game you will go through your gold quickly but as you build more habitats you will outgrow the curve.

After you have built the earth habitat and hatched the egg you will be prompted to build a fire habitat and hatch a fire egg. Then you can begin breeding your dragons. Each time you breed a dragon it will become a hybrid of the two types bred.

Currently there are 9 main types of dragons and habitats and from what I've seen about 50+ types of hybrids/item shop/reward types of dragons. Personally I have 21 different types of dragons and 7 of the types of habitats.

Dragon Battles

After leveling your dragon a bit you can participate in dragon battles. Here you can win gems, gold and maybe a bit of fame. Once every 12 hours you can fight in the coliseum against a particular type of dragons randomly. Alternately you can fight in the league against other players around your level. Here you gain 1 battle per every 6 hours up to 3. If you defeat everyone in that league you win gems and advance to a higher league.

Dragons will learn skills as they level. They have a basic non elemental skill such as punch to begin with. The last skill is learned at level 15 and is the most powerful attack. Some elements are weaker to others while some are immune so choose your dragons carefully. It also helps to level up different types of elements of dragons to broaden your abilities.

When battling you can select up to three dragons to fight with the same applies to your opponent. The objective is to knock out each of your opponents three dragons to win.

I hope you enjoy this Facebook app as much as I have. Happy collecting and battling your dragons.


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