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Dragon Fantasy Book I Walkthrough, Part Fifteen: Jobport

Updated on April 20, 2013
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.

Ogden's story is told, and Anders' is complete. That leaves one guy to go: an irascible thief by the name of Jerald. He appears to have nicked the Voidstone Anders found without realizing its importance or value, and is off to Sandheim to see how much money he can get for it. Terrible, terrible idea…

The journey begins in Jobport. Might as well have a look around before you leave, as this is a brand-spankin'-new town.

Item Shop

There's a pub next to the docks that serves as an item shop as well. It has the standard variety of stuff. Nothing too exciting.

Quartermaster's Office

The quartermaster of the docks is in the other building near the seaside. He'll give some info on getting to Sandheim which basically amounts to walking, which you'd probably planned on doing anyway.


South of the item shop is your obligatory save point. Make it happen.

Weapon Shop

Across the street from the church, the weapon shop only has one blade of interest to Jerald: the Forged Dagger. You can't afford it yet, but once you're out in the field you can kill a few enemies and earn the money quickly enough.


Jobport's inn is free! Woo! You don't need it yet, but when you're saving up for that dagger you should use it to restore Jerald's HP.

Armour Shop

The last place to check in Jobport is the armour shop near the front gate. As with the weapon shop, there's only one item you could really use here: Leather Armor. Jerald needs every defence point he can get.

One of the neater things to note about playing Jerald is that he can steal from people. Walk up behind NPCs and talk to them and Jerald will pilfer a handful of coins. You won't usually earn a fortune doing it, but, hey, why not? Every now and then one of the NPCs will have a lot of coin to lose. You'll learn about this technique later in the chapter, but you might as well get started now on thieving - you'll need the coin in the future.

Talk to the guards by the entrance and they'll let you leave Jobport. Now you're out on the world map, and before you go too far you should kill some monsters, earn some experience, and stash away some gold. Jerald can also Steal from enemies, a wise practice for a guy who needs disposable items to replace magic.

  • Goldblum. The most basic of basic enemies. One hit should bring it down. You can steal Herbs from Goldblums. Doing so early on is a wise idea, as you can kill them very easily and stockpile a lot of Herbs. There aren't many ways to heal in this chapter, and Herbs will easily be your primary method of keeping Jerald healthy.
  • Cranky Condor. A bit stronger than Goldblums, but not overwhelmingly so. Two hits should do it. You can steal Wyvern Powder from Cranky Condors. Wyvern Powder sells for 50 GP apiece, making it an easy way to afford better equipment before you move elsewhere.

Once you're done playing around in Jobport you'll have to head northeast to Sandheim. Jerald has a Voidstone to sell.


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