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Dragon Fantasy Book I Walkthrough, Part Five: Wester

Updated on April 18, 2013
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.

A Woodsman has proven to be more important than he looked, and now Ogden is off to the west of Lakehaven to track the old guy down. He seems to know more than he's letting on, and if Ogden's to serve Wester properly he'd best find out what that is. To the west!

Before leaving Lakehaven, use the money you gained from the Northern Palace to get Ogden the best equipment available. They might be expensive, but the Iron Sword and Bronze Armor come in really handy as you make your way to the west and find new enemies to fight. These will also allow you to focus your MP strictly on healing rather than eating it up through the use of Blastios to beat enemies.

And speaking of new enemies:

Lt. Slicey. These heavy-duty soldiers will hit really hard and can heal themselves. They drop a lot of gold, though, so it's worth fighting a few.

Lt. Dicey. Basically the same as Lt. Slicey, though weaker… and with a bit more HP, it seems. Go figure.

Cheap Thief. Though they don't hit as hard as Lt. Sliceys, Cheap Thieves can be just as dangerous thanks to their evasiveness. Don't be afraid to fall back on Blastios. These guys are well worth the effort to kill, as they give you 100 gold per fight. Niiiiice.

Make your way to the western edge of the continent. At the water's edge you'll see a town… with a castle… and when you enter… yes! Wester. Home at last. Ogden should report in to Queen Becca, but, hey, you're already in town. Why not have a look around first?


The large building beside the entrance has two stores. The first offers the usual items, along with two new ones: Turboherbs and Honey Drops. They're both a bit pricey for what they offer. Also here is a bank where you can store your money in 1,000 gold increments, a wise idea if you have the cash and don't want to risk losing your money while out of town.


The Inn is south of the Bazaar. Rooms cost 25 gold. Check the bookshelves for a bit of innkeeper lore.


The Church is beside the Inn. There's a large amount of reading material to check out, though nothing of great interest.

Weapon and Armour Stores

The last building here has some new gear, and given how much you earn from killing Cheap Thieves you may very well want to grind a bit and purchase the lot. Note that the Golden Sword, despite being more expensive, is actually worse than the Iron Sword you bought earlier. Don't bother.

Castle Wester

Time to report in. Head north to find the castle courtyard where you began the game. Beyond is the inside of the castle. There's plenty of weird reading material in here, but the main reason to check it out is Queen Becca, who's sitting on her throne. Turns out Becca is sick, plagued by something set down by the Dark Lord… though the Woodsman cures her of it lickety-split. He then tells Ogden of pieces of equipment, once belonging to a hero, which must be found and reforged that Ogden might take on the Dark Lord. Sounds good! Ogden's got a new quest!

(After Ogden leaves, you can re-enter the castle and find it fully-populated. Have a chat with everyone inside for some more info on the state of Westeria.)

Make your way to the port in the south. The captain, formerly possessed of a horribly-ill crew, will let you ride on his ship for free. Hop on and he'll ship Ogden across the sea to Bluefin, on a brand-spankin'-new continent. The journey to find the equipment of a true hero begins!


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