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Dragon Fantasy Book I Walkthrough, Part Four: Northern Palace

Updated on April 18, 2013
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.

Ogden has arrived in the tiny town of Lakehaven a scant few seconds too late to catch the eyes of some Westerian soldiers who are looking for the town's healer. Ogden's nevertheless gotten on the healer's trail himself, and he heads into a nearby cave to track the guy down. Northern Palace ahoy!

As with the other two small dungeons you previously faced in this chapter, the Northern Palace has a mixture of new and old enemies on its roster.

  • Bloody Skeletons, Magic Kids and Wolfmen make a return in the dungeon. You can deal with them by now. Watch out for those spells!
  • Leapin' Lizards are upgraded versions of Mister Lizards. Shrug?
  • Battering Bats are basically the same.
  • Slimy Tentacle Things are new enemies with an old attack pattern. Slap, slap, slap. Bash it down!

The path from the entrance of the Northern Palace branches out in three directions: north, east, west. Start by heading north past the fountains to find a Rope atop a pedestal. Backtrack and check out the other two corridors.

Head west and you'll find three treasure chests near a staircase. They contain Wyvern Powder, Honey Drops and an Herb. Go down the stairs and you'll find an Antidote in a small room north of the stairs. Follow the path east of here and around the perimeter of the room to find a Leather Shield in the southeast corner. From here you can reach the central room, which has two chests (Rope and Wyvern Powder) and the south-western room with another chest (500 gold!).

Head east instead and you'll find a treasure chest containing 75 gold near a staircase. Go down the stairs and follow the dirt path through the walls to the east. To the north, past the small lake, is a chest containing an Axe in a side room. Take the western path to the end to find… uh oh… Cave Troll! This is bad news indeed!

Harry the Cave Troll

Say hello to Harry, the first boss in Dragon Fantasy Book I! Harry is a nice introduction to bosses in that he's not all that different from the enemies you've been facing up to this point. All he does is bash at Ogden with a variety of odd attacks that do basically the same thing, usually for between 15 and 20 points of damage. Resist the temptation to use Blastios and simply wail away at Harry while pausing to heal whenever your health drops below 40. He only has a few hundred HP, and should succumb after a handful of turns.

Beating Harry will earn Ogden a Rusty Hero's Helmet. Might come in handy later, but right now it's worthless. Regardless, Ogden discovers that the herbs of the cave have been picked, meaning the healer has probably come and gone. Great. Back to Lakehaven?

Back to Lakehaven! The venture in the Northern Palace has left you a great deal richer, and you can use your money to outfit Ogden with the best equipment available. Get him set up, then visit the healer's house. It's no less than… the Woodsman?! Yep, he's a healer, too. He learns of Ogden's plight and sets off to Westeria; you'd best give chase by following him west. (Get the name now? Badum-chssh.) Off we go!


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