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Dragon Fantasy Book I Walkthrough, Part Fourteen: Cavern of Ice

Updated on April 20, 2013
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.

Wester is in a terrible state. Prince Marlon is missing, the queen is sick, and the captain of the guard is gone. All that's left to defend the realm is Prince Anders, and he's off to the Cavern of Ice to make some discoveries about the state of the world. Set sail with your merry band, Anders!

The ship will drop you off on an isolated island. Head inside and you'll be facing a slew of new, wintery enemies. These guys are a bit stronger than what you were facing on the mainland, so hit 'em hard and hit 'em fast:

  • Jingle Bell Rock Monster. You've faced their kind before. You know what to expect. Pound it into oblivion.
  • Ice Wizard. They have strong spells, but they don't have much HP. Four people should be able to bring it down before it can cast anything.
  • Oculon. A rather weird beast which doesn't bring a whole lot to the table. Smash it down.
  • Arctic Wolf. Straightforward hitters, but they're above average and can do a fair bit of damage. You may want to consider using spells before they can dish out too much pain.
  • Skelly Claus. Another straightforward hitter. Don't be afraid to beat up this Santa Claus.

The Cavern of Ice stretches north to start, leading to an east-west split in the path. Head east when you hit the split to find another split, this one north and south. To the south is a campfire where you can rest and save; to the north is a Potato Juice. Always handy with two magic users in the group.

Head back west to find a field of ice. Step onto it and you'll slide until you hit something hard. Slide off of the snow so you hit the top-most stone, then slide south, then east, then south again. Down here are three chests containing a Rope, more Potato Juice, and a Turboherb. Grab the lot and slide to the north, where a set of stairs waits.

Down here is another stretch of ice, this one interrupted by water. Head east to start and you'll find a path leading to another, smaller room containing three chests. Inside them are Potato Juice, a Turboherb and a Shining Dagger. Return to the previous area and slide south, along the west wall; you'll find another small niche, this containing an Herb and a Deluxe Hat.

Make your way along the southern wall to the east to find a long passage. At the end is large ice room you must traverse through careful sliding. There are a few ways to do so which will yield different results.

  • Slide north to the rock closest to the snow so you stop at the bottom. From here, go west, north, west, south, west and north. You'll wind up near some stairs; at the top is a Westerian Blade.
  • Slide west from the southern tip of the snow. It will carry you to the opposite wall. North of here you'll find Leather Padded Armor.
  • Slide west from the southern-most patch of snow, just south of the tip you used to reach the armor. Slide north from the rock you hit to proceed out of here.

North of here is a door leading to a campsite for saving and reenergizing your team. Do so before continuing along the western path. At the end of it is a room with purple water… and, on a snowy pedestal, the Voidstone. Hmmm, highly conspicuous. Grab it and turn to leave - and you'll quickly be confronted by a new, snowy horror. Freezie!

Freezie the Doom Man

Freezie hits harder than anything else in this cave, and is capable of taking quite a bit of punishment. Nevertheless, this fight won't be terribly difficult if you've levelled Anders (and Casty, if you brought her) up to at least level 13. At this point they'll both know Blastiara, which will melt Freezie with four or five attacks. Heal as necessary and melt the snowman without mercy.

Leave Freezie's room after the beast is dead and you'll be able to use a Rope to escape the Cavern of Ice. Quest complete… but with the Voidstone in hand, Anders doesn't feel right about returning to Wester. Hop in the boat and it will spirit you somewhere else: Bluefin. Your arrival marks the end of the chapter as Anders meets up with the pirates and sends the Voidstone off to a third party in far-flung Sandheim…


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