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Dragon Fantasy Book I Walkthrough, Part One: Derwent Village

Updated on April 18, 2013
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.

Dragon Fantasy Book I begins, assuming you start with Chapter 1, at a coronation. The esteemed Queen Becca of Westeria is about to hand the torch of the kingdom over to her son when, lo, monsters attack! It's up to good ol' Ogden, a soldier, to save the day!

Right off the bat you need to guide Ogden around the courtyard and take on the monsters present (which are quite obvious). Take them out with Ogden's simple attacks, as you can't do a whole lot else, and talk to the princes near the queen. Talking to Marlon will bring in a fiendish Dark Knight intent on whisking Marlon away. Talk to the Dark Knight and he'll cream Ogden, disappearing from whence he came.

Fortunately, Ogden manages to follow! You'll wind up outside a shack. Enter and a woodsman will insist Ogden stay the night… a wise idea, since he has no HP. Once he wakes up the old man will ask Ogden to head to a nearby cave for him to find his missing lantern. He'll also recommend Ogden check out nearby Derwent Village, and will give you a Wooden Stick. Gee, thanks. Equip the Stick and leave.

You'll emerge on a world map, a short jaunt from Derwent. You're more or less ready to take on the monsters here, but you're better off having a look around the village first. (It won't take too long.)


Derwent is a nice little retro town with a variety of things to see that will get you off to a good start on your adventure.


Identified by the telltale 'Zzz' signs out front, the Inn is completely free! If you like to grind, this will be your home base for a little while. You can also find some interesting reading material if you check the bookshelves in the rooms.

Weapon Shop

See any signs with swords on 'em? Then you've found the Weapon Shop. Chances are excellent that you can't afford anything in here just yet (aside from the Wooden Stick, of course), though once you're out fighting monsters you should save up for a Hammer. (You'll find one soon enough, but having one ahead of time is worth the dip in your wallet.)


The long, thin building by the water is the Church. Churches are the game's save points. Always use one before embarking on adventures. If you die you'll retain all of the treasures and experience you gained, though you'll lose half your gold.

Item Shop

Beside the Church is a vendor who sells a few odds and ends. If you buy nothing else here (not necessary just yet), at least snag an Herb or two.

Armour Shop

This is where you should drop most of your coin on your first visit, as Ogden is lacking in the equipment field. You have enough money for Traveller's Clothes and a Hat that will bolster Ogden's defences quite nicely.

All done. It's time to have a look around the world. Strap on your new stuff and wander into the fields to have a look at the local monsters.

Mr. Rock Monsters are the basic of basic monsters in Dragon Fantasy Book I. Beat 'em up.

Mrs. Rock Monsters are stronger versions of Mr. Rock Monsters, but they're still not difficult to kill. They're the best beasts for hoarding experience.

Bashful Bats are troublesome monsters, as they hit harder and are highly evasive. Wait until level 12 before taking them on.

Mister Lizards are the strongest monsters in the region, and will trash Ogden if you come here immediately after you leave Derwent. Nevertheless, you should take these guys on once you reach level 13, as they'll yield the most experience and the most gold.

There are two caves in walking distance. One, in the northern mountain range, is currently inaccessible without a lantern. The other, to the west, has a lantern. How convenient! Level Ogden to 13 so he knows Healios, at the very least, then head to the Desert Cave for the beginning of your first adventure.


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