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Dragon Fantasy Book I Walkthrough, Part Three: Lakehaven

Updated on April 18, 2013
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.

Ogden is on the road back to Westeria, unfortunately princeless, and to get there he must pass through the small town of Lakehaven. It seems to be a mite bit more peaceful than the last two caves he visited, so, hey. No point complaining.

When you enter Lakehaven you'll see two soldiers, apparently Westerians, who are looking for a healer. You'll figure out what this means eventually. For now, content yourself with having a look around the town.


Lakehaven's Inn is no longer free. Boo. Oh well, 10 gold isn't so bad. Check the bookshelves for some more traveller's info.

Item Shop

Next to the Inn is a little shack where you can buy the standard assortment of stuff. Nothing much to see here.


Across the street from the Inn. Save, save, save!

Weapon and Armour Shops

The long building north of the Church houses a nice little joint armoury. If you have the cash you should probably buy an Axe, at the very least. (The Iron Sword is likely out of your price range, but if it isn't…!) You should also replace your basic gear with some leather stuff. Bronze Armor isn't a bad idea if you can afford it, but it's not absolutely necessary.

Other Homes

Just north of the Inn is a Library. Check the shelves for some… informative… reading material.

In the northwest corner of town is a large cabin which must surely belong to the healer. Check the book on the corner table and you'll discover that the healer has gone off to the Northern Palace (little more than ruins, these days) to get some supplies. Ogden decides to head off in pursuit of the man, because, hey, why not?

Now for the world map. Your destination, in pursuit of the healer, is to the north of here. Along the way you can expect to face the following enemies:

  • Bashful Bats, Misters Lizards and Walking Deads. You should know how to handle these dudes by now.
  • Wolfmen, slobbering hulks of fur and fury. Wolfmen hit decently hard and can take a bit of a beating, but they give a decent amount of experience, more than anything you've previously faced. Nevertheless, you're better off facing…
  • Magic Kids, apprentice wizards with a mean streak. Most of the time Magic Kids will throw pathetic punches that do one point of damage. Sounds good. Occasionally, though, they'll launch a fireball capable of doing more damage than anything you've faced thus far. Despite the potential for death, these guys are the ones to fight. You'll find them by the bridge in the north.

Though it may seem like a bit of overkill, you should consider spending enough time outside Lakehaven to get Ogden up to level 16. This will earn him a very helpful spell: Antidotios. So long as you have at least two measly MP, this spell will undo the need for Antidotes in Ogden's chapter. Saving up some cash for the better equipment available in Lakehaven isn't a bad idea either.

All ready? Then make your way across the bridge, through the damaging swamps, and to the cave on a plot of green grass. Time for another dungeon-delving adventure, and this one will last longer, rest assured.

(Note: If you're feeling gutsy, you can head straight north of Lakehaven and find another town along the way. This isn't not advisable, however, as the enemies in the region are tougher than Ogden's capable of dealing with unless you engage in a lot of grinding. Beware following the mountain range too far!)


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