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Dragon Fantasy Book I Walkthrough, Part Twenty: Sandheim Castle

Updated on April 20, 2013
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.

Jerald and Ramona have done it. One way or another, they've racked up enough cash to afford two passports out of Sandheim. Now they just need to find someone willing to part with their passports, and the guards of Sandheim Castle are the guys to ask. Off to the last place a thief would ever want to go!

Wander over to the eastern half of Sandheim and check the north. Sandheim Castle is open for business, though these people are hardly friendly to thieves. Check the right door from the emperor's room to find the kitchens; in here is a guard who is willing to part with some passports…

… for 100,000 gold. That is, unless Jerald is willing to hand over Ramona as payment to bring down the price. Yikes. The pair get kicked out of the castle, and they decide to spend the night at the inn and think of a plan in the morning. That night, though, Jerald goes for a walk.

You can probably guess where you need to go: Sandheim Castle. Head to the kitchens again and check on the guard who scammed Jerald earlier. He'll do… something… with the Voidstone… and leave. At the same time, though, a squad of guards will capture Ramona and shove her in Castle Sandheim's dungeon. Double yikes. Jerald will help her, but… something's wrong with the guy, for certain.

Jerald will lead the way out of the dungeon, and you'll have to face guards on the way: one for the first battle, two for the second, three for the third. None of these battles are difficult; just keep using TurboSlap to bring them all down at once. You'll regain control of Jerald at the end of the dungeon. (Don't bother going back into the dungeon, there's nothing inside.)

Leave the dungeon and you'll be confronted in the throne room by none other than Emperor Sandheim. The Emperor apparently has a pair of trolls under his command, and he's prepared to kill Jerald off to stop him!

Emperor Sandheim and Desert Trolls

This battle isn't as hard as it looks. The two Desert Trolls can only take two hits at maximum before going down, and Ramona's TurboSlap will do the trick. The Emperor is the true threat here, as his hits can do a fair amount of damage. Nevertheless, he doesn't have much variation in his attacks, and he can't take a whole lot of damage in return. Use Ramona's Power Move to maximize your damage output and bring him down in a few turns. Let Jerald handle healing duties with the many Herbs that litter this scenario.

Once Sandheim is defeated you'll watch as the Emperor calls in a ton of extra guards to bring Jerald down… though the Voidstone, which is apparently much more than it looks, jumps to his defence. Ramona takes off, and in no time flat she'll be on the same boat as two familiar faces from elsewhere in the game. The plot is coming together - but Jerald may not be around to see it, not just yet.

In other words, huzzah! That's the end of the chapter! Only one more to go, and it's… different. Yeah, that's the word.


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