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Dragon Fantasy Book I Walkthrough, Part Twenty-Two: Cave Behind-The-House

Updated on April 22, 2013
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.

Woodsy has found himself in quite an odd situation. Shipwrecked on a strange island with Ogden, Anders and Ramona, the small-time woodsman must recover a 'swedish' magical hat from a monster that lives on the outskirts of Minetown. Time for Woodsy to shine for once!

There are two ways to enter the Cave Behind-The-House. The first, obvious way is via the house on the west edge of Minetown. The second is via a wall you can destroy in the centre of town using an Axe. This guide will begin with the western entrance. You'll find the following monsters inside the Cave Behind-The-House:

  • The Walking Dead. Zombies that can poison and not much else. Not the best choices for capture.
  • Cave Spider. These can also poison your characters. Annoying, and slightly better as recruits, but not great.
  • Enderman. A thin, evasive creature that can hit decently hard. A good early choice for recruitment. There's a superior version of the Enderman later in the cave that's a better catch.
  • Spider. A beefed-up version of the Cave Spider that hits harder but can't poison. A better choice for your team.
  • Creeper. A massive green creature with superior amounts of HP, but, ah, no combat skills whatsoever, aside from a powerful, rare explosive move that may or may not go off. Sometimes worth it, sometimes not. (I've heard conflicting reports on this thing. I didn't find it very useful. Others seem to think it's awesome. Any comments, fellow players?)
  • Zombie Pigman. A good hitter with a nice amount of HP. This is a good choice for your team for at least a little while.
  • Magma Cube. Another good hitter, not as quite as good as the Zombie Pigman, with an even nicer amount of HP.
  • Ghast. These ghosts have a lot of HP and can use quite powerful spells to blow you away. A good recruit. If you wait until the later sections of the dungeon you'll see Ghasts that are much bigger and facially crazy looking.
  • Blaze. Possibly the best of the lot of the monsters you'll encounter, Blazes have a lot of HP and some strong attacks. They come late in the chapter, but if you want one of the best of the best these are the guys to recruit.

The initial hall is straightforward. Make your way along the bridge to the east. As you make your way through the cave you'll find walls with coloured stones set into them; you can bash these with the Axe to get Iron, Gold, Diamond and Coal. These can be used at workbenches to create items and armour, mostly for Woodsy and your monsters. Near the exit to the next room you'll find an Antidote, Potato Juice, an Axe and a Turboherb. (Don't worry too much if you already got an Axe, the cost is quite negligible.)

North of here is another section. It moves east up ahead, but if you check behind a wall to the north, by the lava, you'll find a Turbo Herb. East of here is a door into a small room; beyond is a bed where you can sleep and save, as well as a workbench. Further east from here, at the next turn, is an Antidote in a chest. Follow the path east to another area.

Go north across the bridge. There are a ton of walls to destroy in this second half, but there's nothing of note behind them. Collect the Turboherb and 20 gold from the two chests ahead and follow the bend of the path. To the east you'll find a split; you can enter a new area to the north or go south along the bridge to find the second path into the Cave Behind-The-House. This is a swifter shortcut for reaching the deeper recesses of the Cave.

Head straight north in the next section of the cave and enter the purple portal to find a lava-filled area. Beside the second portal is a chest containing a Rope. Follow the path to find a more expansive section; there's a split ahead. Ignore the southern route, as it takes you nowhere special. Down the right path you'll find a Turboherb and a path north to the next area.

A bridge is ahead. Grab the Naginata from the chest to the left side of the bridge and walk north. Keep going north (there are a few side paths, but they don't lead to anything useful) and you'll eventually reach the final boss: the Enderdragon. Get that hat back!


For a final boss, the Enderdragon is pretty easy. It has a lot of HP, and can hit hard, but if you've been equipping your characters with any amount of armour and weapons it won't survive for long. Keep up your HP with Herbs, TurboHerbs and Healios while smacking away at it. With enough time and effort it will go down.

After the battle the Enderdragon will kindly give back the hat, and you'll watch the credits sequence after the island is returned to normal. Yay! Game complete!


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