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Dragon Quest IX: VUST - Sage's Enlightenment

Updated on July 17, 2011


VUST stands for Vocation Unique Skill Tree, and is a series of Dragon Quest IX articles I will be creating as time passes for each of the vocations (so this will be a twelve part series). I'm starting this series with the first VUST I maxed out, which happens to be Enlightenment (the Sage's VUST).

You'll see why I maxed this skill tree out first as I mention the perks you get for it. There's just too many bonuses to pass up, especially if you're grooming a healer or a magic damage dealer.

Enlightenment Skill Tree Rundown

I am going to list the perks you get for leveling up this skill tree. The format will be:

Skill points required. Skill name here MP Cost (if applicable)


Let us begin! :D


4. Natural Magical Mending +20

The first perk you gain in the Enlightenment skill tree is a 20 point boost to your Magical Mending stat. Not much else to say here, extra stat points are always a good thing. :)

10. Jack's Knack 3 MP

Jack's Knack is an ability that allows the aspiring Sage to change his/her vocation at any location, and at any time (except in combat). This is convenient for many reasons, one of them being that it allows you to do things like go to a Metal Slime area and then change vocations to level up in a class you might be underleveled in, without worrying about running through the whole place and getting wiped by an encounter.

16. Natural Magical Might +20

Another stat boost. This one improves your Sage as a magical damage dealer instead of a healer, but remember: Stat boosts are good! :D

22. Right as Rain 6 MP

This neat little ability allows your Sage to call down a refreshing rainstorm that heals a small amount of HP each turn (10-25 HP or so). It doesn't seem like much, but consider that it lasts for 5-7 turns, and you'll come to appreciate it as a needed boost to your healing efforts.

32. Natural Magical Mending +40

Yet another stat boost, this time to your Sage's Magical Mending, which makes him/her more adequate for a healer's role.

42. Disruptive Wave 10 MP

Probably one of the most fun abilities of all of Dragon Quest, and one you usually don't get to use. Chances are that, if you're leveling up this skill tree, you've probably already been on the receiving end of this ability more than once. It removes all effects from the opposing party, which means that any buffs they have are gone. This also removes Tension, which makes it downright devious against bosses that try to use Psyche Up cheese to do insane amounts of damage.

55. Natural Magical Might + 40

Noticing a trend? Because I know I am. Anyway, stat boosts = good, ok? :)

68. Caster Sugar 8 MP

This ability will make your Sage go into hyper mode (and I don't mean hyperactive. :P). Caster Sugar boosts your Sage's magical mending and magical might parameters for a few turns (around 6-8 turns from personal experience) when used, meaning your spells heal more damage and hit harder. What's not to like? I usually use this during reprieves in a boss fight.

82. Natural Maximum MP +60

Remember what I said about stat boosts being good? Well, a bonus to maximum MP on your healer isn't good, it's priceless. Get this and cherish it, but keep your Wand equipped anyway if your Sage is your resident healer (your healer is using a Wand is he/she not? :P).

100. MP Consumption -25%

Probably one of the best ultimate perks in the game (when I say ultimate, I mean the perk or ability you get once you invested 100 points in the skill tree). Reducing the cost of all spells and abilities by 25%, well that's way better than a stat boost, that's for sure. Or, if you want to use a different mindset, imagine that having this skill is like getting a boost to your Maximum MP of 25%, and remember what I said about Maximum MP boosts on your healer. ;)


I hope that this hub has been of use to you. I plan to do one for each VUST as I get them maxed out, so you can see what each one does before you start investing your hard-earned skill points in them. ;)

Feel free to comment on the Sage vocation in the comments section. I want to see how they're received by the fanbase. I can personally say that, in my case, I love Sages!

Until the next time, take care and have fun! ;)



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    • profile image

      Lord of the Sword 6 years ago


      "Right as Rain" does NOT heal half. In your case, if you always get beat down to the same HP lvl, it might be the case.

      But in my experience, it heals about 35-45 HP (65-75 HP w/ Life Bracers, MUST)

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      Right as rain heals half of your level in HP

    • profile image

      Lord of the Sword 6 years ago


      Step 1:Go to Gittingham Palace

      Step 2:Take the right-hand path

      Step 3:Go to the door directly north (though there is a corner in path (:P)

      Step 4:Go up stairs

      Step 5:Talk to the bookcase? (the "Supreme Sage" is within the pages)

    • profile image

      drew 6 years ago

      how do you even unlock sage?

    • profile image

      MP Consumption -25% 6 years ago

      It isn't like having 25% more is like having 33.33333333% more MP.

      300 MP....20MP spell can be used 15 times

      @75% it can be used 20 times....20 mp * 20 times is 400(+100/300) or 1/3 more

      or the easy way 3/4 reduction flipped is 4/3 mana pool.