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Bakugan Dragonoid & Delta Dragonoid Bakugan Toy

Updated on January 4, 2014
Translucent Darkus Dragonoid
Translucent Darkus Dragonoid

Dragonoid: Original (Nova) Drago

Dragonoid or Drago for the short, is one of the most popular, powerful, and famous warriors in the history of bakugan, and it is the very first of all Drago bakugan. It has been given a nickname as Nova Dragonoid, although officially there is no such Drago existed. It has always been extending his variations with each evolution. He has the longest list of evolutions to ever be achieved, the list may go over 30 as of this writing, including those don’t exist (yet) in bakugan ball form such as Hex and Mock Dragonoid. There are many unspecified species of Dragonoid as well.

Dragonoid looks like a flying beast that breathes fire. On his wings there are 3 claws that face downward, giving the impression of a wyvern dragon. His wings are simple with creases, etc, and have a curved shape to fit with the body. He has a pop up horn that has small dents in them. His face looks pretty fierce, with a ridged mouth and a pair of eyes. His head is like an upside down U and it is hollow, so the neck can be fragile. The neck also has a strange square design to it. The attribute is found on the left wing, and feet are large, nearly making up 1/3 of the entire ball. They are simple as well, and don’t have claws. Overall, Dragonoid is a very plain bakugan with no carvings or many parts, but it is retired old bakugan and definitely have collectible values. We have four Dragonoid ourselves, they are all translucent as the pictures show. Deka Dragonoid are also available for sale online, they can be expensive now. Deka bakugans were selling for about $10 when they just came out.

Translucent Bakugan Dragonoid: Clear, Gray, Green

Delta Dragonoid

The 2nd evolution of Dragonoid is Delta Drago, which is a stronger and more active bakugan. Although his look isn’t very impressive, he has lots of power. In ball form, he doesn’t look much different from the normal Dragonoid, only his head and feet changed shape a little. It has a horn that faces forward instead of backward like the original Dragonoid, and there are two realistic hands that sit on the bottom half of the bakugan. One of the most recognizable features is the metal ring around Delta Dragonoid, which gives it an impression of an evolved bakugan. Delta Dragonoid used to be found mostly in red and blue, now black Darkus seems to become more common as well; white Haos has always been available though most of the time it is rare. Haos, Ventus, and clear versions have also become available in recent months. No Subterra Delta Drago made to the market, people may mistaken the special sandstorm as Subterra because the color is pretty close to tan/brown, but it is actually Haos attributed. The G-power ranges between 450 to 700, due to the fact that later released versions tend to have higher G's. Also, like Dual Hydronoid, he is sold in a heavy metal package. Delta Dragonoid is featured on many gate cards and ability cards, so it was once pretty popular when fans saw that Drago had evolved.


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