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Dragons of Atlantis Wind Dragon Egg Guide

Updated on March 13, 2012

This guide will show you how to find a Wind Dragon Egg in Dragons of Atlantis and build your Wind Dragon Outpost, which is the fourth available outpost for Dragons of Atlantis Players. A Wind Dragon Egg is one of the requirements for players to build their fourth outpost and it can be found by defeating level 7 or higher savannah wildernesses. The Wind Dragon Egg can also be purchased from the Dragons of Atlantis Shop where players can buy Rubies and purchase items to get their kingdoms ahead of players who decide to not spend real money on the game.

Kaboom, the company who owns Dragons of Atlantis, has kep the game playable for players who wish to play for free and has given several enticing options for players who wish to spend some of their own money to get ahead. This guide will show you how to get your Wind Dragon Egg for free.

Where to Find the Wind Dragon Egg

Wind Dragon Eggs can be found from defeating level 7 or higher savannah wildernesses. By this point in the game, you should have enough troops to successfully conquer a level 7 or higher wilderness. You also must have your Great Dragon Armor and your Aerial Combat training done so you can use your Great Dragon or one of your other Elemental Dragons (Water, Stone, or Fire). Also, make sure that all of your wilderness control slots are filled before you start your attack. This will allow your troops to attack and then return to your city automatically without you having to recall them.

If you have any open wilderness slots, it will take much longer to farm for your Wind Dragon Egg.
If you have any open wilderness slots, it will take much longer to farm for your Wind Dragon Egg.

Wave Attacks

The game mechanics have changed a bit since this guide was written, and wave attacks no longer work. The only way that you can increase the speed of your farming for your Wind Dragon Egg is to send multiple attacks, each with an elemental Dragon or your Great Dragon. The drop rate for the Wind Dragon Egg is fairly high, so it should not take long for you to find your Wind Dragon Egg as long as you are attacking with one of your Great Dragons.

Send your Great Dragon or Elemental Dragon with your attack to find a Wind Dragon Egg.
Send your Great Dragon or Elemental Dragon with your attack to find a Wind Dragon Egg.

You Found It!

In between sending out your attacks, make sure to read the battle reports that pop up in your inbox. When you find your Wind Dragon Egg, no popup will alert you. You have to read the battle reports and look to the Item line under the Resources table on the right side of the report.

You can also watch your Quests button on your main screen. When you find your Wind Dragon Egg, you complete a quest. Your Quests button will have a yellow "1" next to it when you have a quest completed and a reward waiting for you.

Wind Dragon Egg Quest Complete

On top of being able to create another outpost, you get a nice quest reward for finding your Wind Dragon Egg. You get some power, resources, and a Fortuna's Ticket which you can use to try to win a free completion grant or other powerful item. Check out my guide on how to give yourself the best chance to get a completion grant, which is in my opinion one of the most sought after and important items in the game.

Now What?

After you find your Wind Dragon Egg, there are a couple other steps to creating your Wind Dragon Outpost. Read about them in my guide on how to create and properly set up your Wind Dragon Outpost here! (Coming soon) In the meantime, check out my other Dragons of Atlantis Guides below.


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    • profile image

      Entwise012 4 years ago

      Wind armor guide pleasee?

    • profile image

      raghav 5 years ago

      hey friend

      u have nice collection of guide

      plz post wind dragon outpost and chrono dragon outpost guide

      do u know any way to hack rubies for free ?

    • profile image

      zorua9 5 years ago

      make a guide on wind amour

    • profile image

      Yessenia 5 years ago

      i was happy to see that it wrote that the egg had a high drop rate...but it was only until i remembered i was attacking a level 9 savanna for quite some time now. I want my egg!!! TT^TT

    • profile image

      owen 6 years ago

      i cant find my wind dragon

    • profile image

      yugi 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Devin 6 years ago

      I can find any dragon armor

    • profile image

      winterasia 6 years ago

      hey akilah don't transition just keep hitting the same wilderness just hit it every chance u get don't switch

    • profile image

      shaun 6 years ago

      what about a spectral ruins and ice outpost guide you gotta catch up interested in what you say so hope to see that soon!

    • profile image

      mccode 6 years ago

      waiting on the wind dragon outpost guide ,found my egg and ready to go,any idea on how much until this guide will come out?so far all your other guides have been most helpful,thank you for sharing :)

    • profile image

      Akilah 6 years ago

      This could explain why I just can't seem to find a Wind Dragon Egg. I've found all other 3, but I've been at this for 3 days now, donating 5 hrs. of my time/day. It's getting quite discouraging. I've been ransacking Lvl 7,8,9 Savannas, but to no avail.

    • profile image

      Diamond 6 years ago

      Wow,there's a new thing where you get 1000 rubies for a wind dragon outpost so I'll try to get my wind dragon egg

    • PBody5205 profile image

      PBody5205 6 years ago

      It's in the works :) I've been pretty busy lately and will be going on vacation in a couple days, but after I get back I plan to knock out a few more guides.

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      what about a fire outpost build guide? :)

    • profile image

      tam 6 years ago

      hi in your write up farming for a wind dragon egg you didn't include the fcat that you must have a gd or elemental dragon with. to find it do you not need to have one of these dragons on the march


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