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"Draw Something" Online Game

Updated on April 24, 2012

Draw Something is a free, multi-player, online game developed by Omgpop and later purchased by Zynga, the makers of FarmVille, Mafia Wars, and other very popular and successful online games. The game is free and can be downloaded to the iPhone via Apple's AppStore or to the Android via GooglePlay. The game has won numerous gaming industry accolades and in march of 2012 its sales surged to roughly 20,000,000 downloads.

The concept behind the game is fairly simple, and it's easy to begin playing within several minutes of downloading. Each game consists of two players. The first player draws, and the second player guess. You can choose to play with a friend from your Facebook list of friends, or you can have the game assign you a random opponent.

The first player given a list of three things to draw, ranging from something very simple, such as an ice cream cone, to something moderately difficult, like a penguin, to something very challenging, such as India. The first player draws the item selected on his or her screen and sends it to the guesser. The guesser watches a replaying of the first player drawing the item, and is given a series of blanks and letters with which to fill in the blanks. There are more letters provided than blanks, which eliminates the strategy of simply rearranging or unscrambling the letters.

If the first player draws his or her item well enough, the guesser will guess it correctly and the first player will earn coins, which can be redeemed for additional color palettes or tools to enhance the game playing experience. The original palette available consists of black, red, yellow, and blue, while additional palettes consist of "packages," with variations of themes. "Bombs," which are also purchased with coins, can be used to eliminate decoy letters, thus making the guessing process simpler. After the first turn, the second player becomes the drawer and the first player becomes the guesser. The game rotates turns between drawing and guessing.

Draw Something continues to be a significant source of downloads for Zynga. It's easy to understand and play and has been recently entered into the pop-culture consciousness, with the game being featured in a number of print, television, and online media outlets.


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