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Dream Dollhouse for Girls

Updated on December 17, 2009

Why you should get a dollhouse

Having a dollhouse has always been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. Growing up in a small house I have always wanted my own dollhouse as it would give me the space and chance to creatively decorate around the whole house.

I personally feel that a Dollhouse is a great gift for both boys and girls.It is both educational and entertaining for young and old.

One can teach young kids about the different parts of the house by bringing them on a tour around the doll house. They can learn about associations- Ie: which furniture can be found in which part of the house and increase their vocabulary.

I have used pieces of the doll house to stimulate conversation topics with my toddlers.

Sylvanian Families

I love this series as there are many different cottages, restaurants and shops which you can add on to your collection. There are plentiful families and accessories which you can use to accessorise your dollhouse and make it unique.

It gave my kids hours of happiness and kept them entertained during the long Christmas break.

How to use dollhouses in teaching

Makers of dollhouses and dollhouse furniture have a very keen eye for details. Each miniature piece is created with precision to replicate an actual piece of furniture.   When introducing the topics on

  • food
  • family
  • furnishing

I use pieces of the dollhouse and even the dolls as conversation starters to introduce new concepts and vocabulary to my kids.

Some questions I would ask are

  1. Why do you think we put ice-cream in the fridge?
  2. What do you see? Where can this be found in your home?

By asking inferential questions I get my boys to think and give their opinions based on any prior knowledge they already have. They also get to analyse with me why certain objects are placed in certain places in the house and not others.

The Q & A sessions are normally followed up by simple arts & crafts and reading of related storybooks.

This is something which you can easily try out with your child.


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