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Dress Up Games for a Girl's Party

Updated on February 28, 2013

A dress up themed party is great for a birthday, holiday, or any event. The great thing about dressing games for girls is that it doesn't require much preparation or material. Lately, tons of board games and other games based on dress games girls have tried to complicate this simple game, but none really hit the mark. Most of the fun is dressing in your parents' clothes or funny costumes, something out of the ordinary. There's no need to buy expensive set-ups to play; here are some dressing games for girls you can DIY.

Choose what's "fair game" beforehand.

Every family has a stash of old Halloween costumes and accessories, so bring those out along with the old clothes. Designate a dressing room or two and then lock up the rest of your closet unless you want everything in disarray.

Dress Swap

Ask the mothers to send old clothes over for a dress swap. All you need is dress, games, girls!

Just like a cookie swap or a potluck dinner, everyone brings some old clothes that they don't mind donating to the cause. After the dress up party, the clothes can either be returned to the owners or given to a local charity organization.

Having such a huge wardrobe to play in will be a once in a lifetime chance for most girls, making the party a memorable experience.

For added fun, have the mothers box up the clothes as "gifts" so that not even their daughters know what is being donated. Then swap the gifts so that every girl gets to open a present!

Most dress up games 4 girls end up being dress up games for girls only, but if some fathers agree to donate their clothes, boys can also attend a dress swap party.

Have a fashion show

If the mothers plan to stay for the party, it won't be hard to put together an audience for a children's fashion show! Of course prizes make the whole event more fun, here are some ideas for dress up prizes:

1. most creative

2. best princess

3. most fashionable

4. most grown-up

Additionally it will be a laugh for the adults to see the girls come strutting out wearing their friend's 80's neon or giant hat. It's amazing the things people keep in their closets!

Other Fun Dressing Games Party Ideas

If you really want it to be a "dress up games for girls ONLY!" event, pink is the way to go.

Foods with little chance of making a mess will save a lot of stress later over stains.

Some suggestions for food for a Girls' Dress Games Party:

- mini quiche made in muffin tins

- cupcakes

- petit fours

- pizza bagels

- a long sub cut into pieces

And of course a punch with a base of pink lemonade!


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