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Drown Your Sorrows World Of Warcraft Achievement For Alliance And Horde

Updated on May 12, 2011

This achievement is very easy to get. You just have to run around gathering a few things. Some of the things can be bought from NPC vendors, some need to be made with your cooking skills, and some of the ones you can buy from vendors are also drops from enemies. The following NPCs are not the only NPCs you can buy these from either, they were just the closest ones for me to get to.

Visiting NPC Vendors

There are six drinks needed that can be bought from NPC vendors.

Sparkling Oasis Water, Fresh Water, Refreshing Spring Water, and Highland Spring Water: The Refrshing Spring Water is not needed to drink for the achievement, it is needed to cook the drinks needed.

Alliance can purchase all of these from Innkeeper Allison in the Gilded Rose Inn in Stormwind in the Trade District.

Horde can purchase all of these from Innkeeper Gryshka in the Broken Tusk Inn in Orgrimmar in the Valley of Strength.

Greasy Whale Milk Alliance can purchase this from Quartermaster Rallings, general goods vendor in Daybreak Cove in the Abyssal Depths. Horde can purchase this from Zan'zata, food and drink vendor in Tenebrous Cavern in Abyssal Depths.

Fungus Squeezings and Murky Water can be purchased from Grunka at Forge of Supplication in Mount Hyjal. She sells to both Alliance and Horde. She also sells two of the foods needed for Cataclysmically Delicious. While you are there you may want to visit Edric Downing, also friendly to both factions. He also sells two of the foods needed to complete Cataclysmically Delicious. I have heard some people cannot find or buy from these two NPCs because they have finished the quests there and the NPCs are phased out. I have finished the quests there and have no problem finding and interacting with them. If you are having trouble interacting with this NPC, Zungam in Zul'Aman sells the Murky Water.

On To Cooking The Rest

There are four drinks needed that you will have to cook. If you do not cook you can usually buy them on the auction house or find a friend or guild member that cooks. Three of the recipes can be bought with chef's awards you get from completing the daily cooking quests. Alliance can buy the recipes from Bario Matalli, Sous Chef, in Stormwind located by the Stockade. Horde can buy them from Shazdar, Sous Chef, in Orgrimmar located in the drag.  They both stand by the daily cooking quest givers.

Darkbrew Lager - This is taught by cooking trainers. You need to have cooking skill of 415 to train it. For this you need two skins of Dwarven Stout and one Jug of Bourban. Alliance can buy the ingredients from Joachim Brenlow, bartender at the Blue Recluse in the Mage Quarters in Stormwind. Horde can get these from Innkeeper Daisy in the Speedbarge Bar in Fizzle and Pozzik's Speedbarge in Thousand Needles.

Highland Spirits - The cost for this recipe is three chef's awards. For this you need one Highland Pomegranate and one Refreshing Spring Water. Alliance can get the Highland Pomegranate from Innkeeper Allison in the Gilded Rose in the Trade District in Stormwind. Horde can get it from Shan'ti, fruit vendor on the East side of Grommash Hold in the Valley of Strength in Orgrimmar.

South Island Iced Tea - The cost for this recipe is five chef's awards. For this you need one Tropical Sunfruit and one Refreshing Spring Water. Alliance can get the Tropical Sunfruit from Innkeeper Francis in Twilight Highlands. He is located in the keep at Highbank on the first floor. When you enter the keep go to your left and before you get to the stairs go right. You cannot see him until you go in the door in front of you. He will be to your right. Horde can get this from Lizzy "Lemons" in the Inn at Dragonmaw Port in Twilight Highlands.

Starfire Espresso - The cost for this recipe is three chef's awards. For this you will need one Cocoa Beans and one Refreshing Spring Water. You buy the Cocoa Beans from Bario Matalli or Shazdar. They sell "Bag of Imported Supplies" for one chef's award. This bag contains a lot of cocoa beans!

All Done With That One!

Now you know where to get all the drinks needed for this achievement! Hopefully you also picked up the foods these vendors had that will go toward getting the Cataclysmically Delicious achievement too!


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