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Dungeon Leveling Guide - Now The Fun Starts Again.

Updated on May 5, 2011

Many World of Warcraft players have their very own technique for power leveling, however the figures demonstrate that dungeon leveling is truly the quickest approach to take. With the new Dungeon Leveling Guide you are going to see your typical experience gained per second considerably increase for a number of reasons.

Dungeon Leveling Guide
Dungeon Leveling Guide

More Experience Per Hour

You’ll earn far more experience each hour spent in the dungeons simply because it's not necessary to spend precious minutes journeying between zones. The dungeon finder will take you right to your dungeon, wherever you are currently playing. Cloth-wearing classes like mages and priests will also realize that they spend a lot less time being dead since they have four other folks helping them level. Healing classes will also find it much simpler to level their healing spec instead of DPS. Dungeon leveling enables them to level purely as being a healing class, which, therefore, gives them more time to learn how to heal groups before they achieve level 80 and begin doing 10- and 25-man content.

More Fun

Dungeon leveling additionally provides a new layer of fun to this already addictive online game. By instance leveling rather than performing solo quests, you get the chance to experience many Classic and Burning Crusade dungeons you probably haven’t done before. This presents fresh (but old) content for veteran WoW players and a fresh way to introduce new players to the game.

Furthermore, what’s more enjoyable than playing with others? Each and every dungeon you run will be just a little different compared to the one you ran before since the players will be different. It is always enjoyable to watch different people respond to various bosses, which are unique from anything else in the game.

Earning Gold By way of Enchanting Materials

And  dungeon leveling is not just all about the added experience. That is certainly a good enough reason on it's own to do it, but instance leveling also paves the way for anyone to learn to make gold on the auction house. The easiest way to do this is by selecting “disenchant” on any items you don’t need that drop inside the dungeon. The disenchant alternative is only available if you have an enchanter in your group.

Gamers who choose the enchanting profession have the ability to disenchant magical items, and just having an enchanter in your group will also permit you to disenchant items. Whenever you’re in a group and somebody loots something that is unique, rare, or magical, a box opens which basically asks you exactly what you want to do with the item. If you need the item, you can select “Need.” When you have an enchanter in your group, the “Disenchant” icon will be lit up. If you have absolutely no interest in the item and the “Disenchant” icon is lit up, you ought to almost always decide to disenchant. This will assist you to get the enchanting materials and sell them on the auction house.

There are many advantages to instance leveling that you simply cannot afford not to try it. You won’t believe how quickly you’re able to power level.


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