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Dying Light: A Complete and In-Depth Game Review

Updated on July 20, 2017

Dying Light is one of the best open world action zombie game ever made. The game was developed by Techland and published by Warner Bros Entertainment. It got released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. I'm also a gamer like you and I am very much impressed and enjoyed playing Dying Light till it's very end.

The zombie apocalypse themed open world of the game is just stunning. You get to play the game in first person mode as Kyle Crane, an undercover agent trying to infiltrate a gang and retrieve a stolen file which was located in Harran. The entire city of Harran has been quarantined due to a viral outbreak which turned everyone into a zombie. One of the main reason why you should play this game is because of it's parkour. You can climb walls, hang on ledges and slide through zombies and much more. The game has day and night cycle with dynamic weather. Once it's dark, the play style changes entirely.

The hunter you were back in the day becomes the hunted in the night. You can't literally see anything when it gets dark. You could use your flashlight for better visibility, but be careful, the zombies will detect you easily when the flashlight is turned on. There are also zombie mutations called volatiles which looks so gory and aggressive, and hunts you in the night. You can use your survivor sense to avoid being detected by those monsters. But, once it finds you, run and don't look back.

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Game Modes

Dying Light has both Single player and Multi player game modes. The Single Player mode has a good story campaign, but when I finished the campaign I thought the developers could have added more weight to the story at the ending. It looked a little simple for me. I loved the missions which are more badass and action packed. Once you get a hang of the story you will be immersed in the game like what's going to happen next when I complete this mission. You will get attached to the game characters as you play the game. One of the major feature of the game is that you can play the game in co-op mode.

There is a Multi player game mode called BE THE ZOMBIE where you can play as a aggressive volatile Night hunter and invade other player's worlds. You could also evolve the Night hunter zombie based on kills and scores. In this mode the human player should destroy infected nests in order to succeed and the Night hunter player should not allow it to happen by killing the player. This game mode is so thrilling and addictive.

Skill Tree System

The developers of the game made Dying Light much more addictive by adding a cool skill tree structure which adds more awesomeness to the play style. The skill tree is divided into three categories such as survivor, agility and power. The player gains skill points by doing parkour, completing missions and killing zombies.

The skill points can be spent on perks in the skill tree categories. The survivor skill category have perks to craft powerful grenades, meds to heal and increasing carry weight. With Agility skill category you can unlock cool parkour perks like jumping over zombies, kicking them on their face and pushing them off the bridge. You will have more fun with these perks. The power skill category unlocks new combat styles like multi throw, stun kill, etc. You can use these perks for cool weapon art styles.

Deadly Weapons

Dying Light has a well handled weapon inventory. There are two types of weapons in the game, primary weapons and secondary weapons. primary weapons includes knives, baseball bat, machetes, axes, crossbows and guns. Seconday weapons includes UV flashlight, crackers, molotovs, throwing stars and grenades.

You might think it would be easy if guns are available in the game. Wait a second there, you will be in possession of guns when you advance over 60 percentage of the game. Ammunition are hard to find in Dying Light and think twice before lodging that bullet in the head of a zombie. Also be aware that guns makes noise. Noise attracts a specific types of zombies called the Virals, which we will discuss later in the article. So,why they added guns in Dying Light? It's for the worst case scenario where you got a small window to escape a bunch of volatiles or if you are in a safe spot, where you can shoot zombies for the fun of it.

Once you play the game you will realize how powerful the melee weapons are. You can craft upgrades for the melee weapons such as toxic, electricity, fire and power which causes a significant damage over the zombies. You can also craft weapons with combined upgrades which increases the damage and the weapon looks more awesome with increased damage.

You can distract the zombies with fire crackers, burn them with molotovs or blast them away with grenades, but if you allow them to gang up on you, you are dead meat. Grappling hook is a satisfactory addition in Dying Light to climb tall buildings without much effort. Overall the weapon categories are fun to use and explore it's features with zombies.

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Zombies in Dying Light

The city of Harran in Dying Light is flooded with different types of zombies. Some maybe very aggressive and some sneaky, some you can stand and fight and for some you have to take the run. Each type of zombie AI has it's own looks and characteristics. Let's look at them.


These are the basic type of zombie AI prowling the streets of Harran. They are slow but can grab you easily when they are close enough and drain your health pool to a significant amount if you didn't shake off that grab soon.


Virals are runners like you who got turned/infected by the virus. They are fast and are attracted to noise. They can also climb buildings and your only option is to kill them before you take off. You can easily kick them off if they are climbing a ledge and hard to deal with if they are more in numbers. so, pay attention to noise.


These are infected with gas tanks behind their back. You can kill them by hitting on the gas tank. The gas tank leaks and drags the infected in the air and blasts when it lands. If you kill a gas tank pay attention to virals around the area as it attracts them to noise when it blasts.


These enemy AI appears only in the night. They are very fast and aggressive. If they catch you, you are dead. They are allergic to UV rays. You can equip UV flashlight as a secondary weapon to buy some time from the volatiles to shake them off your tail. If you are sneaky, they won't be a problem. But, be brave, there will be missions involving volatiles. Pack up your gears for that.

Sledgehammer Guy/Miner

The sledgehammer guy is bigger than other zombies and can be found in various locations of Harran. He is also a type of infected but he is huge with a sledgehammer. His pounding attack with the hammer are so powerful if you got stuck in his pounds you will be thrown several yards away which a large drain in health pool. Sometimes one hit by him is enough to drain your health pool fully. So the strategy to defeat him is to dodge when he is about to pound and attack when he lowers his stance.


This type of zombie AI looks like a walking toad. It spits toxic when you get in it's range. It's only attack is spitting toxic and can be easily dodged. You can melee them or use throwing stars to take them out.


Bombers are suicidal zombies with big fat bellies. If they notice you in the vicinity they will run towards you and when in range they will explode. These bombers will annoy you very much because they will surprise you during missions and exploration.


These childlike zombies appear in very few areas in Dying Light. When you get near them they will scream which makes you nauseous and also attracting the nearby zombies to the area. The two options you have at that time to stop their scream is by silencing them or use a ranged weapon against them.


This type of zombie is huge and very powerful. They also have high amount of endurance and health. Their charge attacks are very destructive and kills you easily. The sweet spot to attack them is when they are tired after charging.


These zombies causes no threat and appears only in night in specific areas. You can craft special upgrades from it's loot. Once the bolter senses a threat, it runs like crazy. So, it's better to sneak up behind and kill it.


There are a good collection of DLC's available for Dying Light. The Bozak Horde dlc has competitive challenging arcade levels which tests your skills in Harran stadium. There are bundles such as

  • Ultimate Survivor Bundle
  • Harran Ranger Bundle
  • Gun Psycho Bundle
  • Volatile Hunter Bundle

with new weapon unlocks and skin packs.

One of the major expansion for Dying Light is The Following DLC. It opens a whole new world for the player with a new storyline. You also get a buggy to cruise around in this DLC. Here, the major part of parkour from the main game is replaced with driving. Driving is fun in this game and the buggy is totally customizable. A game also features a new skill tree category for driving which is pretty cool.

Final Thoughts

Dying Light is a game which gives you a thrilling survival experience in the zombie world of Harran. You will enjoy the game and will recommend this game to others as well. Dying Light is unique, gore, fun and altogether scary.

Reasons to play Dying Light

  • Parkour
  • Great graphics
  • Night time survival
  • Different Zombie Varieties
  • Open World of Harran
  • Multiplayer

Share your Dying Light's memorable moments in the comment section below.

Good Night. Good Luck.


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