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Earn Money Quickly in Skyrim

Updated on January 31, 2012
You'll be making tons of these in no time.
You'll be making tons of these in no time.

Dwarven Ruins

Called Dwemer Ruins in game, these ancient ruins are a great source of unique loot that you can gather and sell for a lot of money. When you first reach Whiterun, the first major city you will go to in the game, you can hire a wagon to the Markath Excavation Site, which is one of many Dwemer Ruins in the world.

Once you reach the Markath Excavation Site, scavenge your way through the ruins, picking up as many pieces of Bent Scrap Metal, Small Metal Plates, and Large Metal Plates as you can. Additionally, you can pick up Struts and Solid Blocks as well. Ignore Scrap Metal, as those pieces of metal don’t seem to do anything. After you have picked up as much as you can carry, go back to Whiterun and smelt all of your scrap metal and Metal Plates into Dwarven Metal Ingots. This will level your smithing up quite fast. Once you reach Smithing level 30, choose the Dwarven Smithing perk, and then buy Iron ingots from merchants in town. Then, using 1 Iron and 2 Dwemer Ingots, you can make Dwarven Bows. As Iron ingots only cost 14g each and the bows can be sold for 100g each, you will make 86g on each bow that you make, as well as level up your smithing and speech from creating and selling so many items. You can sell your items to the two blacksmiths near the entrance to town, the general goods vendor located near the inn, and the Companion’s smith, who can be found behind the Companion Hall.


Since magic does exist in the world of Skyrim, it is possible to do certain things that are not necessarily possible in real life. One of these things is to transmute iron ore into silver ore, or silver ore into gold ore. A quick and easy way to make some cash in Skyrim is to buy, mine, and loot as much iron ore as you can, and to not change it into ingots. Instead, wait until you find this spell, which can be found reliably at the Halted Stream Camp, which is part of a few early quest lines. Then, transmute all of your iron ore into silver ore, and then your silver ore into gold ore. Now, you can smelt all of your gold ore into gold ingots, which sell for 100g each. This is a quick way to change your 2g iron ore into 100g bars of gold.

An example of some of the scenery you'll be adventuring through as you try to make money in Skyrim.
An example of some of the scenery you'll be adventuring through as you try to make money in Skyrim. | Source

Chopping Wood and Picking Crops

This isn’t the best way to make money, because you surely do not make nearly as much as you would using the other methods, but it is guaranteed and does not require you to buy anything. This method of making money is always available to you, and can be a great way to earn a few hundred gold pieces in a few minutes. First of all, if you have a Woodcutter’s Axe, which you can find in any town or city, you can go to a woodcutting block and chop wood into firewood. Each time that you use the block, you will get six pieces of firewood, which can be sold for 5g each, making you 30g each time that you do this. While it’s not a lot, it can add up, and it’s quick and painless.

Additionally, you can pick crops for farmers. There is a farm outside of Whiterun, called Pelagia Farm, where you can harvest Cabbage and Potatoes and sell them to Severio Pelagia for a small sum. He will buy cabbages and potatoes that you have found elsewhere as well and has unlimited gold, so you will always have a place to sell your items. Other farms can be found throughout Skyrim where farmers will buy other items from you as well, including Wheat, Leeks, Gourds and Nirnroot.


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    • profile image

      mirage7504 6 years ago

      there is an easier way. have a companion and a woodcutters axe. take everyting from your companion and give him the axe. then tell him to cut the wood. as long as you don't enter a building or leave the town,you can have him/her cut a lot of wood while you are smithing or smelting.then just tell them to follow you. go to the person who buys the wood. move all the wood into your inventory. talk to the person. get lots of money!!!!!!

    • Ironman1992 profile image

      Ironman1992 6 years ago

      good advice.

    • Phillbert profile image

      Phillip Drayer Duncan 6 years ago from The Ozarks

      Helpful tips! I used another tactic you can feel free to add if you want... After I had looted a few dungeons and had some coin and soul gems I would travel to a blacksmith and buy all of their leather strips and the iron ore I believe. Then I would make as many iron daggers as I could as this is the simplest thing to make. This increased my black smithing skill significantly. I would keep traveling and making daggers til i got low on money or couldn't carry anymore. Then I would go and used up the weak soul gems I didn't need enchanting the daggers. This increased my enchanting skill and made the daggers worth way more money. Then I would go sell the daggers and make all of my money back and then some.