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"Skyrim" Easter Egg Guide: Secrets of the "Elder Scrolls V"

Updated on November 15, 2016

Welcome to Skyrim

Welcome to Skyrim, a land full of danger and adventure.
Welcome to Skyrim, a land full of danger and adventure. | Source

What Secrets Lie Within Skyrim?

Bethesda game studios' epic adventure of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is not only a massive universe full of adventure and hours of RPG entertainment but it also holds many secrets and Easter Eggs waiting for players to discover.

Historical references, classic lines and references to some of your favorite Hollywood Blockbuster movies and also secret video game references as well. why wouldn't they hide a little extra for the true fans of digital entertainment in this massive universe of epic proportions?

Indiana Jones Said it Best!

What motivates you in Skyrim? Is it the adventure? Possibly the Gold? The Ladies? According to Athis of the Companions guild, its all about fortune and glory.

Go and talk with Athis and ask him what motivated him to join the Companions guild. Quoting that famous line by Harrison Ford in "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" he will tell you "fortune and glory, friend, fortune and glory."

Minecraft and the Notched Pickaxe

What exactly does Skyrim and Minecraft have in common? Apparently, the two fan favorite games have more than one thing in common after all and that is Bethesda game studios. The creator of the Elderscrolls series, Bethesda, is also partners with Minecraft creator Notch's "Mojang" game studios.

After speaking to Paarthanax, you can find the Notched Pickaxe sticking out of a vein of Ebony Ore in a small cave opening at the peak of the mountains. Head to the very top of "The Throat of the World" and discover the Notched Pickaxe there. You can use this beloved tool to dig up various ore around Skyrim and it also works well as a weapon of battle.

Going Retro with Pac Man

Not to be confused with the professional boxer with the same nickname, legendary killer of ghosts "Pac Man" makes his appearance in one of the many areas to be explored in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It cannot be ignored, the similarity between the two and whether or not some cheese and garlic are just randomly placed in this fashion, the easter egg is undeniable.

Head to the city of Markarth and visit Endon's House. Head to the back of the house and look for a bookshelf with some items on it. The bottom shelf has a scene from Pac-Man arranged with a wedge of cheese, some garlic cloves and some glow dust. You just cannot deny this easter egg or keep from laughing when you see it!

Katatonia- "Ghost of the Sun"

A Tribute to Swedish Metal

If you happen to find Nystrom's Journal in the "Darkness Returns" mission, you can rest assured you may have missed this easter egg! Nystrom's Journal tells a tale of two brothers, Nystrom and Anders, who are trying to infiltrate a certain dungeon. These two brothers are actually named after Anders Nystrom, frontman and lead guitarist for the metal band Katatonia! They also quote several lyrics from the bands single, "Ghost of the Sun."


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