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Easter Island Mystery Walkthrough

Updated on April 26, 2011
The Real Easter Island
The Real Easter Island

The following is a walkthrough for the online game Easter Island Mystery. If you haven't played Easter Island Mystery, you can pay it here at Addicting Games has tons of great, free, flash games you can play right in your browser.

Easter Island Mystery

Easter island mystery is a flash game about an archeologist who is apparently trying to save the ill-fated earth from complete destruction at the hands of global warming. His search has led him to the mysterious Easter Island(pictured above) where he finds a fragment of information in an ancient text that speaks of the guardians- ancient protectors of the earth. And thus, your journey begins.


Mouse - point and click

Easter Island Mystery Walkthrough

Click the archeologist and then click the gold statue to try and pull it out of the ground. That's not happening

-Solving the Sun Puzzle-

Walk the archeologist to each Easter egg type plant to turn them on.

They all shine a beam of light. Click the sun to move it in the light.

Click each Easter egg to position it's beam, bringing up the....Easter lightening rods. Now click the sun to start the sun puzzle.

Simply notice the color of each star and change the relative outer edge's color to match it. The quicker you can change the colors the better.

-Driving the Car-

A satellite will appear.Click it to cause a lightening storm that destroys the lightening rods. Get into your car and click one of the rocks to pull forward.

Using the gun on top of the car, shoot each rock that is around the center symbol.

-Completing the Alien Line Circuit-

Once you have destroyed the rocks you must click the tile in the center of the screen to start the alien line circuit.

Your goal is to light up each line of the pattern by connecting the lights. This can be very tricky as you can only travel each line once.

There are a number of different patterns you could run into so if one's too hard for you just close the puzzle and click on the center tile again. A new pattern will appear and I to be honest, some are a lot easier than others.

-Robotic Dinosaurs and Sun Satellites-

After completing the Alien Line Circuit a robotic dinosaur emerges in its place. Click the Sun Satellite to send it to the Dino's back.

Click the newly formed engine on the Dino to crank him up. Now click the tablet in front of him to learn the truth.

-Awakening the Statues-

Click the red hat on the left-most statue to lift it revealing two eyes. Click the archeologist and then the eyes to have him fly over there and pick them up.

-Green Statue Letter Test-

Click on the green statue to start the letter test. The letter test is quite difficult if you've never seen this type of puzzle. Your job is to decode which letter is being written out in the ancient device.

You are only seeing, however, a small slit of the letter from top to bottom. Imagine the letter is being scanned and you are only seeing a small line of it at any given moment.

There are only three letters that can be shown in this puzzle and they are W, G, and F. If you choose the wrong letter you are not penalized so guess away if you have too. But, it's more fun to figure them out. When you pick the right letter it will be outlined in red.

Click your archeologist and then go pick up the eyes.

-Blue Statue-

This one's easy, just click it to open it up. Pick up the eyes.

-Using the Eyes-

After you have all three sets of eyes you can use them on the statues. Just drag the appropriate set to the appropriate statue.

The guardians awaken...

-Alien Puzzle-

The aliens that come out of the statue shine beams toward the sky forming a spinning spectacle of the night. Click it to open the simply dubbed alien puzzle, and it is just that. Click the pieces and drag them to their appropriate spot on the puzzle. To spin the pieces you must click and drag the edges.

After completing the puzzle, the sun comes out and a victory rainbow appears. click next to finish Easter Island Mystery.

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