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"Easy Joe" Walkthrough

Updated on July 1, 2010

The following is an "Easy Joe" Walkthrough. Easy Joe is an all new point and click adventure game created by FastGames and available to play at


You control Joe. Joe is a rabbit shaped green object that has ventured out of his home in hopes of seeing the world. You are tasked with helping Joe get through all sorts of various obstacles and enemies in his task of exploration.


Mouse - The mouse is your only buddy in this online point and click adventure. Click on various objects in the environment correctly and you will be able to proceed.

Easy Joe Walkthrough

Level 1- This level is very simple. It is somewhat of a tutorial because it tells you exactly what to do. Click the bridge to drop it and then click on Joe to proceed.

Level 2 - You start this level with a ladder directly above your head. You know you have to get up it, but how? Click the television to knock it off of the desk and then click the desk to slide it towards Joe. You can now click the ladder and Joe will jump from the desk to the ladder.

Level 3 - In this level you will notice a key that you need to collect. There is a duck nested on top of the key box with an egg on the ground. To the left of the egg is a hammer. Click the hammer to use it to break the egg.

After the baby duck comes out, click the big duck to make it move. You can now click the flap to the box the key is in to open it. Click the key to use it and click Joe to proceed to the next level.

Level 4 - You start this level looking directly at a dog who is looking at a duck. Also notice the three shirts hanging on the clothes line. Click the green flap directly under the shirt with a bone on it to make it lift up. After it lifts all of the way, click the shirt with the bone on it to make it fall.

You can now click the dog to make him run toward the bone shirt. This will sling you in the air into the next level.

Level 5 - In this level you have a smoking man right in front of you with an elephant sitting down at the bottom of the screen. There's also a key hanging from the ceiling in the top left of the screen. Click the key twice to make it fall into the key hole.

Now you can click the box that the key unlocked to open it revealing a chainsaw. Click the chainsaw to cut into the tree and then click the tree to make it fall into the elephant pit. You can now click the elephant to make him use the tree. The friendly elephant will knock the guard out of the way and you can now proceed.

Level 6 - Click the zip line looking object in front of you to slide down it. It should snap off halfway down causing you to fall.

Level 7 - First click the switch to your right to turn on the wall. Now click each piece of the wall, starting with the glowing white piece at the top and working your way down. Each piece will move up a few inches when clicked. After you click them all you can now click Joe to make him pass.

Level 8 - There is a lot going on in this level. A white switch to the left, a locked up cannonball to your right and a cannon beside that. The first thing that you want to do is click the green box directly above the white switch on the left side of the screen.You will be able to see the tab on the green box flip.

You can now click the switch to lift up the white block that is in the way of the green car on the right side of the screen. You can now click the green car to make it drive into the key. Click the lock that the key falls into to unlock the cannonball. Now click the cannonball to load the cannon and click the cannon to destroy the boat.

The three guards to your left will leave and you will be able to continue.

Level 9 - Start this level by clicking the dinner tray in the bottom left of the screen. You will reveal a huge hamburger. Now click the circle directly above the new hamburger(a little to the right) to cause it to turn into an insect and fly to the burger.

The bricks to the left of the fan are now free to slide. Click each of the bricks starting with the one on the left to slide them out of the way of the fan. Now click the fan to turn it on and make the cloud go away. Click the umbrella to proceed out of the level.

Level 10 - This level is relatively simple. You need to distract the guard that is watching television. Simply click the bird that is on the t.v. antenna and then click the antenna. The t.v. will go out and the guard will be distracted enough for you to pass. Click Joe to do so.

Level 11 - Click the boat to hop in.

Level 12 - In this level, you must free all of the arrows and ultimately free the key. Start with the bottom right box and click the arrow that is connected directly to the box(the tiny circular arrow). This will cause the box to open and you can click the arrows inside to remove them starting with the one on the right.

Complete the same process with the bottom left box and then the top left. The only box left should be the box with the key inside of it. Click the small arrow to unlock the box and then click the key to open the big door. You can now click Joe to continue.

Level 13 - Click the helicopter to hop inside and start flying.

Level 14 - You will fly over a school house and stop. Click the roof of the school house to open it up and let all of the children out. Now click the helicopter to continue with Easy Joe.

Level 15 - Joe will now land the helicopter and hop out. Click the flap directly in front of you to open it and click Joe to make him hop in(but you already knew that).

Level 16 - You are almost there. The final party is just ahead but the guard won't let you pass without a suit. Click the back wheel of the tractor looking object directly in front of the bow tie. The tractor should pull forward and fall in the small hole. Now click the spiked flap hanging above the bow tie to make it fall and break the wall. \

Click the bow tie to put it on and then click Joe to proceed to the final party.

You have now completed the Easy Joe walkthrough. Thank you for reading. Leave any questions or comments below.


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      8 years ago

      thank you i kinda figued out what to do on level 8


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