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Educational toys for 7 year old boys

Updated on May 1, 2013
Educational toys - Qwirkle Board Game
Educational toys - Qwirkle Board Game

Here is my favorite list of educational toys for 7 year old boys. You can use this list to buy toys for 7 year old boys. Some of my favorite include qwirkle board game, hedbanz game, brain quest smart game, lego sets, science wiz kit, stomp rocket, maze game and kids board game. Hope you find this list helpful. Feel free to write your comment in the comment section below.

Educational toys for 7 year old boys:

Qwirkle board game: Qwirkle board game is made up of 108 wooden blocks with six different shapes in six colors. It is a tile game and each black tile has a diagram on the back such as circle, square, eight point star, four point star, clover and diamond. The players earn points by building lines that share the same shape or same color. You can look for chances to get big scores by placing the tile that touches multiple pieces with matching attributes. The player who gets the top points win the game. A row of six tiles is called qwirkle. You might need a pen and paper to keep track of everyone's points. It is a great game for kids and adults and also one of the best educational toys for 7 year old boys.

Qwirkle game is great for children to learn complex patterns with the help of colors and shapes. The game go faster if you have more than 2 players. To start a game, you will need 2 to 4 players or 6 and up. It is a kind of scrabble or dominoes game. It usually takes about 45 minutes to finish.

More board games for 7 year old boys:

  • Hedbanz games
  • Brain quest smart game
  • Sum swamp addition and subtraction game
  • Kids board game - Count your chickens cooperative board game
  • Uno card game

Lego sets for 7 year old boys:

Lego star wars rebel trooper battlepack: It has a collection of four minifigures includes Zev Senesca with a blaster pistol, a Hoth officer with a blaster pistol, and two soldiers, one with a blaster pistol and the other with a blaster rifle. This is one of the fun toys for 7 year old boys and also pretty easy set to build.

Lego ultimate building set: With the help of this kit, kids can make a house, car, dog and helicopter. Some of the parts included in this kit include mini figurine, wheel elements, building plate and different standard bricks in various colors.

More educational toys for 7 year old boys:

Science experiments:

Mind blowing science kit: Mind blowing science kit is a fun science experiment for young kids. Some of the wonderful experiments include building a small scale volcano, glowing crystals and watching the reaction of an acid and base to form a salt. The parts included in this dynamic kit are citric acid, polyacrylamide crystals, pipette, color tablets, red cabbage juice powder, scoops and three plastic cups. They need water, plate, towels and stirring spoon before they start the science experiment. The chemicals in this kit are non-toxic, but you should accompany your chid while they conduct the experiments. This science kit is a agitative way for kids to learn and test scientific principes with wonderful experiments. It is a great kit for families with children under 12.

Science Wiz/ Electricity kit: Searching for a simple way to get your kids to electronics? If so, this kit is great for you. You can help your kids learn how electricty works with the hands on activities. Kids can make light bulb glow, circuit loops, buzz buzzers, motor spin, whiz bangs and send coded messages. The parts included in this kit are motor, buzzer, easy clip connector wires, pinwheel spinner head, LED light, rubber band and plastic storage tray.

Stomp rocket Jr glow kit: Stomp on the launch pad and you can see a smash of air moves the stomp rocket over 100 feet in the air. Kids love to launch the rocket in air and watch how it rises high. It only takes minutes to attach the 38 inch vinyl air hose and the lauch pad onto the place. The contents in this kit include stomp rocket stand, 38 inch vinyl air hose, launch pad and 4 foam rockets. Refill rockets is also available such as parachutes and spin copters.

More science games for 7 year old boys:

  • Snap circuits Jr. SC - 100
  • The everything kids science experiments
  • Perplexus epic
  • Magic science for wizards

Perplexus maze game:

PlaSmart has come up with the beautiful maze ball. The players need to shift and twist the large ball to guide a marble inside through several boundaries. No batteries required for this game. This game can attract all age groups for long periods of time.

Qwirkle board game:

What is your favorite educational toys for 7 year old boys?

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