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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion- Fighter's Guild Ranks

Updated on September 30, 2012

Fighters Guild Logo


So You Want To Be A Fighter?

There are two main guilds you will come across in your travels around Cyrodiil, Fighters and Mages, each one named by who would be best suited to join. This hub is about people who are more into fighting with metal weapons or fists than shooting spells at their enemies. The Fighters Guild has a hall in every major city except Kvatch and Imperial City in which members can sleep or obtain a contract (quest) to rank up in the guild.

In order to become a member you must ask to join and there are only three cities in which you can do so. Chorrol, Cheydinhal, and Anvil all have guild members that you can join the guild by talking to (Vilena Donton, Burz gro-Khash, and Azzan respectively). If you do the main quest Chorrol is a good place to go as it's right next to the Weynon Priory you deliver the amulet to. Otherwise Cheydinhal or Anvil would be better choices as those two have the first quests you must complete. Anvil has two of the first three and Cheydinhal has the last, so choose accordingly.

Also you might like to know that the guild does not accept members into the guild who have an infamy of 100 or more unless your fame is also at at least 100. If you have a bounty you also may not join the guild so don't commit any crimes or at least get that bounty removed first. Lastly, once you are in the guild, do not attack or commit any crime towards another member of the guild.

Guild Quest rewards are level based but once you become master rank you do get a monthly salary, so either level up for higher level rewards or do it anyway and get the salary faster.

Level 1-4 gets 100 gold, 5-9 gets 200, 10-14 is 300, 15-19 gets 400, 20-25 gets 500, and 36+ gets 600.

Associate Rank
Associate Rank | Source
Apprentice Rank
Apprentice Rank | Source

Associate and Apprentice Ranks

Associate Rank is the easiest rank to obtain, just speak to any of those three previously mentioned members and join the guild. In case you missed them here they are again.

Chorrol: Vilena Donton

Cheydinhal: Burz gro-Khash

Anvil: Azzan

Once you join the guild speak to either Azzan for the quest "A Rat Problem" or Burz gro-Khash for "The Desolate Mine" and complete it to rise to the rank of Apprentice.

A Rat Problem involves seeing a woman, Arvena Thelas, about a problem she is having with rats in her basement. You discover they are her pets so no rat killing, but you do get to kill some mountain lions. Once you have killed two in her basement and the ones Inventius led you to she will tell you about Quill-Weave hating her rats so follow her at night to see what she does and then confront her, then choose if you say she did it based on what skill you wish to learn speechcraft or acrobatics.

The Desolate Mine is a simple weapons delivery, or is it? You do have to kill some enemies inside the mine before you find the other guild members and deliver the weapons. Pay attention to what each person says so you give them the right weapons (you get 1 fame point if nobody dies). Kill the rest of the goblins and return to Burz gro-Khash for your reward.

Journeyman Rank
Journeyman Rank | Source

Journeyman Rank

In order to rise to Journeyman you must complete the two quests stated above and the other Anvil quest, The Unfortunate Shopkeeper. You can do the two Anvil Quests one after the other if you want to before you run off to Cheydinhal, you just have to complete all three for Journeyman.

The Unfortunate Shopkeeper is a quick little quest with a little difficulty if you just rush into it. The owner of Lelles' Quality Merchandise has asked the guild for help to stop some burglaries that have been happening almost every night. Talk to him and he goes off to the Inn next door, leaving you in charge of the shop. Wait upstairs till night and sneak down the stairs when you hear people inside, knock one down with an arrow if you wish but you must defeat all three of the thieves.

***Hint: Before you tell the owner about the theives there is an opportunity to take some items that isn't considered stealing. Most importantly there are a pair of boots on the top floor, Boots of the Eel, you should take those even if you don't need them (sell for money).***

Now you can go tell the owner about the thieves and rank up (if you have done the desolate mine, if not go do that one and rank up).

Swordsman Rank
Swordsman Rank | Source

Swordsman Rank

In order to get to the Swordsman Rank you need to complete the Quests, Unfinished business and Drunk and Disorderly. Now you should be getting the basic idea of these quests by now, fight through the quest and kill things until you complete it with some talking thrown in for good measure.

Unfinished Business tells you to travel to Skingrad and find out why Maglir defaulted on a contract. It's a pretty simple quest, go in the Fallen Rock Cave and get the journal from inside, killing the undead monsters inside. Once you retrieve the journal you can decide to cover for Maglir or not, if you admit you did it you get a fame point though. The answer you give also affects the More Unfinished Business quest you will have to do later. If you cover for him you only get the fame point, and Maglir doesn't help you out later on, but if you cover for him he helps you out in that quest later. I don't find Maglir to be a good fighter so I always tell the truth, but that's just me.

Speak to Modryn again to get the next quest, Drunk and Disorderly. Apparently some fellow guild members are causing some problems in Leyawiin so of course you have to go settle the issue. Talk to the barkeep and if the disposition is high enough she will tell you of a job opportunity, if not then ask around town and someone will point you in the right direction. There you have to collect some Ectoplasm for her to prove the Fighter's guild is the way to go with her requests. There are five ghosts in the Church's undercroft in the same town, so there is an easy way to get five ectoplasm if you don't already have some stored somewhere.

Protector Rank
Protector Rank | Source

Protector Rank

In order to achieve the Protector Rank you have another two quests to complete with the same concepts as before, kill things, this is a fighting guild after all. Amelion's Debt and Den of Thieves are the names of them.

Amelion's Debt involves, well, a debt. There are two options for this quest depending on what you want to do or if you have already plundered the tomb the woman wishes you to get the armor and sword from. Option 1 is to just give her the money she needs and then you can either keep the armor and sword for your decoration/use or sell them if you mercantile is high enough to make a good profit. Option 2 is of course, to go into the tomb and obtain the items for her and hand them over. She only wants the specific armor and sword she tells you about so you can sell the rest of the items for profit if you want. She will mark the tomb on your map either way, so pick whichever one you want to do and then complete it. If you already completed the next quest, Den of Thieves you will get a rank increase now if not then complete that quest.

Den of Thieves has a branch of options for you to complete if you wish to, but basically you just kill some thieves and if you choose the optional quests you do those too. If you talk to Newheim the Portly he will tell you he had his Flagon stolen and you can retrieve it from the Den from the cave and receive an extra reward. Once you actually get to the cave you have Maglir following you so make sure you leave him behind if you want to sneak around and kill them on your own, if not just barge in or whatever your style is. There are 8 of the thieves in the cave so don't be surprised if you are surprised by one when you thought you got them all.

Once those two are complete you may rank up and go onto the next set of quests.

Defender Rank
Defender Rank | Source

Defender Rank

In order to obtain the Defender Rank you must complete another two quests, The Master's Son and More Unfinished Business. The second one being affected by the first Unfinished Business quest you completed a few ranks back.

The Master's Son involves an escort and fight/clearing in a cavern. As the character you must escort, Viranus Donton, doesn't die you may want to use him to up your marksmanship/destruction/restoration skills before you complete the quest. Or even take him along on some other quests as long as it isn't something you shouldn't take someone else on, like Thieves or Blackhand. Then go in the cavern and fight some trolls, ogres, and minotaurs. Once you lead him to the body you will be prompted to report back and you will finish the quest, obtaining a fame point and a random blade.

More Unfinished Business you must once again do a contract that Maglir defaulted on (Why is he even allowed in the guild?). This time you have to get ten samples of Imp Gall which you may or may not already have. Of course Maglir is not in the guild anymore so you have to either go to Aryarie like he says or go on your own if you told the truth before and he's mad at you. She is in the Bravil Mage's Guild if you need help finding her. She suggests a cave to go in and so you should probably go there even if you have the galls already as it is filled with treasure.

Warder Rank
Warder Rank | Source

Warder Rank

To obtain the Warder Rank you should complete one quest and one quest only, Azani Blackheart. This one has a bit of conspiracy theory feel to it, the Blackwood Company lied about killing the man of the same name as the quest, Azani Blackheart. To prove that they in fact lied, you must go kill him yourself and retrieve his sword. You go to the Arpenia with Modryn to look for Azani, but he isn't there. If you can't get Modryn to say so after exploring the area, try going to the Northeast room and standing there for a minute before talking to him again. Follow BEHIND Modryn as he takes you to a nearby ruin, you can't get there without being near him and can't progress unless he is there as well. Go inside and kill any and all bandits you find, and collecting the three Varla stones. Once you find Azani you must kill him, he is equipped with Elven Armor and has a sword that drains fatigue and causes fire damage. Take his ring once you kill him to complete the quest with and return it to Modryn in the fighter's guild if he isn't with you. Talk to him again to be promoted and start the next set of quests.

Guardian Rank
Guardian Rank | Source

Guardian Rank

Guardian Rank is obtained after completing another two quests, The Wandering Scholar and The Fugitives. They are a bit tricky if you just rush in and knowing a few secrets could give you a good reward or two.

The Wandering Scholar is quite simple to finish, it involves clearing out a cave so a scholar can study a Daedric shrine. There are two ways to do this quest, one is a lot safer than the other if you wish to actually keep Elante (scholar) alive. You can talk to her and kill monsters as you reach them with a high possibility of her death although not certain. Alternatively you can also ignore her for the time being and clear the monsters until you reach the shrine yourself, making a clear path for her to walk through when you then return and guide her. If you talk to her and just walk far enough ahead so she doesn't move, you can clear monsters that way but it isn't as certain to keep her alive as the previous option. Once you guide her safely she will give you a blade book that you can't get if she is killed so it might be worth it to keep her alive. Also if she survives you get a fame point and gold, but if she dies you get nothing.

The Fugitives you can probably guess has to do with someone escaping from prison or some kind of imprisonment. There are actually four of them who have escaped from prison and it's your job to teach them a lesson. The locals won't be willing to share much information as they are scared but with some persuading you can learn the location of their hideout. Go to the Bloodmayne Cave and see if they are willing to surrender, which you can probably guess won't happen.Two of the fugitives are in the first area of the map and the last two are in the second section. Return to get your fame point and gold reward.

When you are promoted to this Rank there's a warning for you. Do NOT talk to Azzan in Anvil once you start the Trolls of Forsaken Mine! You will be demoted two ranks and then your hard work of questing will be wasted. Talk to Burz gro-Khash for a contract instead of Azzan to prevent any loss of rank.

Champion Rank
Champion Rank | Source

Champion Rank

Champion Rank, you are almost finished with Fighter's Guild quests. This rank has three quests to finish. Mystery at Harlun's Watch, The Stone of St. Alessia, and The Noble's Daughter. If you talked to Azzan and got demoted, these are the three quests you have to complete two of to regain your rank. Also remember to not talk to Azzan and instead talk to Burz gro-Khash.

Mystery at Harlun's Watch involves some missing people and strange lights in the swamps, sounds kinda ghosty to me but what do I know about the inner workings of Will-o-the-Wisps that make their home near the outside of the cave. Of course since people disappear after investigating the sources of the lights in the swampy cave (you learn about the cave from Drarana Thelis) you have to now go into the cave and risk forever disappearing as well. There are some swamp trolls (of course, what else could there be) and eventually you find the bodies of the missing locals. You have to clear the cave of all the trolls and that involves going into both zones and once you clear the cave you are told by your clever journal that you did so. Return and tell Drarana what happened to the locals, get a ring as a reward and then the Guild member will reward you with a game point and gold as usual.

(This would be a good quest to do last out of the three) The Stone of St. Alessia involves more killing of creatures, this time ogres. (Author's tidbit: St. Alessia is my favorite character as her name is similar to mine and I am odd like that). There is a Stone of St. Alessia in the chapel that was stolen by bandits. You may think you will be killing them but no, you are told ogres stole the stone and go off to collect it from them like a good little fighter. (Also if you kill the bandit you don't receive a bounty or gain any infamy so I assume he could be a good Blackhand kill if you haven't found a good first murder victim yet.) Once you get to the ruin kill or avoid any ogres you see and collect the stone, but there's a trick to it. The room is locked and requires some tricky finger work possibly on your part. First step on the pressure plate directly outside the room as that opens the gate in the walkway overhead. At the end of that walkway is a block to push which opens the gate to the room, now if you have a good acrobatics skill you can jump from the pressure plate the push the block from the apex of the jump. Retrieve the stone and return it to Cirroc in the chapel, get the healing potions, and get your fame and gold.

Finally, the Noble's Daughter involves finding the daughter and rescuing her just like in all the movies. Ogres are what captured her so you never know if she will be found alive or not with those brute creatures. When you find her though she is unarmed and there are three ogres guarding her, take them out and save her. You MUST kill THESE specific three ogres to complete the quest as they are somehow different than the ones they look like. You get a sword for completing the quest and of course, the guild gives you gold and a fame point. It's best to do this and the first one I explained before Azzan's to prevent demotion.

Master Rank
Master Rank | Source

Master Rank

To become a Master Rank in the fighter's guild you have to complete another three quests. They are Information Gathering, Infiltration, and The Hist. They seem to have a connection based on their infer that but will only know until you get there, or read ahead to the next few paragraphs.

First off is Information Gathering, so you have to gather some information presumably, but how? Well you have to kidnapped a high-ranking member of the company and obtain some information from him. Modryn tells you to kidnap a certain Argonian Member from Glademist cave, an Ajum-Kajin. You must kidnap him alive and the only way to do so is to defeat all of his guards. That means checking everywhere and all the nooks and crannies for bed all of the guards he will follow you to Chorrol if you talk to him,otherwise he won't follow you so kill all the blackwood members in the cave (other than him). Once he agrees to come with you then return to Modryn Oreyn's house and he will tell you to have him sit and get the information about the blackwood company. Of course the Lizard won't speak so you have two options, sweet talk him him or splatter the walls with his blood. To sweet talk him to have to get his disposition up to 90, by persuasion, charms, or bribes. Once this is accomplished exit the dialogue screen and a message will appear saying he will talk to you. Ask him all the questions and exit the screen again to get another message saying he will talk again but he answers only one, ask him the remaining questions and he will again answer only one. Option two requires a bit of chance as you could kill him if you aren't careful. Unless you want to have the joy of punching the information from him then I suggest the first option or at least to try it. Either way, the second option is to beat the information from the Argonian and this is how you might wish to go about it without killing him. First off you should know that weapons will most likely kill him faster than using fists, so punching is the best option. Get a good couple hits in and a message will appear saying he will talk so ask him some questions. Just like with the first option, he only answers one, so give him a few more good hits to prove you mean business. Another message should appear if you don't kill him and he will again answer one of the two questions. Once he answers the two questions he decides to commit suicide rather than doing more betrayal, and uses his ring "Blackwood Ring of Silence" to do so, he burns himself alive. Once he roasts, Modryn Oreyn says you should infiltrate Blackwood to investigate the answer to the final question. You also get a leveled amulet "Amulet of Interrogation" that fortifies your hand to hand and speechcraft skills. There isn't any gold or fame, but you can get gold off of Ajum-Kajin's body if you want, including any you bribed him with. No amulet if you kill Ajum-Kajin though, so best not do that.

Infiltration is the second quest to complete in the take down of the blackwood company. This time you have to Infiltrate the ranks of the blackwood company in order to learn why they are so powerful. Travel to Leyawiin and speak to Jeetum-Ze about joining the Blackwood company. Suspicious at first but shrugs it off and lets you join, follow him to the Training Room and get your first mission. He gives you a potion and starts to tell you of its origin, tells you to drink it and you will be transported to Water's Edge. Then you have to help the other members kill the goblins around the houses. Then one tells you to look in the houses, but you may have noticed that the goblins act funny. You don't have to clean out the houses if you don't want to just run away and either option will transport you to Modryn Oreyn's house. Speak to him and he will tell you his men found you unconscious on the streets of Leyawiin. He tells you to go back to Water's Edge to find out what really happened and there you find out that you killed people and the goblins weren't really goblins. Find and talk to the last survivor "Marcel Amelion", the father of the other fighter's guild quest that took place here. Return to Modryn Oreyn's house to complete the quest and learn the next step.

And now for the final quest of the fighters guild before you reach the Master rank, The Hist. In this quest you have to return to the headquarters for Blackwood company and destroy the source of their power to finally be rid of them.Once you get there you have to kill all the blackwood members and loot their bodies for some items if you want as they have some great things. Take the key from Ja'Fazir's body to get to the third floor and there you should kill Ri'Zakar, waiting for him to talk or killing mid-sentence. Take the basement key off his body and make your way down there to kill the Hist Tree they have down there. Kill the two members that are down there and pick up the two loose pipes that are near the furnace somewhere. Activate one of the sap pumps and then the other that are on either side of the tree. you should get a message saying you destroyed the tree and when you leave the basement SURPRISE, Maglir is there to say you ruined everything. Kill him and then you should return to Modryn in Chorrol. Congratulations Guildmaster ;)


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