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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion How To Get A Servant/ Slave/ Housekeeper

Updated on December 2, 2012

Helping Hands- Want a Servant in Oblivion?

There is indeed a quest that you can do to get yourself a servant in Oblivion, and it's short as well. Although it may cost you a pretty penny if you haven't already purchased the house and upgrade required, after that you only need 150 or less gold in your pocket to hire a feminine servant to live in your house and do your will. Really, she only cleans and gives you some items that could possibly get you a good income if you know what to do with it, but that's what I'm here for.

Eyja- Servant Housekeeper in Skingrad
Eyja- Servant Housekeeper in Skingrad | Source
Rosethorn Hall- Skingrad House You Need.
Rosethorn Hall- Skingrad House You Need. | Source

Eyja, Your new Servant in Skingrad

Going by the title of this section, you probably think you should head to Skingrad and find someone named Eyja. Well, you would be right, IF you have some good money in your pocket or already bought the Skingrad house. Now let me just skip the introductory nonsense and tell you what you need to do and where to go.

First off, make sure you have bought the Skingrad House (Rosehorn Hall).

Then you want to make sure you purchase the Servants Quarters (so she has somewhere to live).

Next, you want to find her in Colovian Traders (Picture on the side of her). She also may find you, she says something like "Can I talk to you for a second?". I found her just outside Colovian Traders when I was on my way to hire her, which brings me to the next point.

You want to have 150 gold or less in your pocket. Pretty easy to do if you just bought the upgrade, but if you want to buy some items so you give her less than the 150 gold, go right ahead. I just had bought some upgrades for my Chorrol house and had 96 gold with me, which she gladly took and then went off to my house.

Congrats, you have your own servant but what to do with her? I mentioned getting some money earlier. Next section, away!

How To Use Your Servant For Quick Cash

This does require spending a little to make a little, unfortunately there's no such thing as free labor, or free money. You see, your servant Eyja will provide you with Shepherd's Pie and Rosethorn Mead if you own the Kitchen Upgrade for your house. This does require some Alchemy skill to make the higher part of money, grab the tools for that if you don't already have them.

Ask for "Drink" and Eyja will hand over the Rosethorn Mead, which you can sell to a merchant.

Ask for "Food" and Eyja will hand over the Shepherd's Pie, which you can sell or make into Cure Disease Potions for some higher cash. If you have a good alchemy skill, high weight to carry (feather if you can to carry more), and you have enough potions you should get around 2-3 thousand gold. (That's 2000-3000 for those who need numbers.)

Good way to replace that horse you got killed while getting gold for your servants quarters and Rosehorn Hall in the first place. She doesn't seem to have a limit on how many items you can get from her (assuming you can carry it all) so do it until you grow tired of it, and don't let that servant see a cent. It's her job to do a lot of work for no money, she signed up for it.

Other Servants/ Housekeepers In Oblivion

I figured I'd make this section just in case someone asks in the comments. There are no other servants in the game itself. There may be some added in from user created content, but this is the only one that is in the game itself without additions.


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