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Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: How to Play a Warrior

Updated on November 26, 2011

Starting a Warrior

When starting out in the wonderful world of Skyrim, a race is what you will be asked to choose first. Of those races, if you want to create a warrior, you will probably pick from the five below:

Imperial - Skills: Restoration, destruction, enchanting, one-handed, block, and heavy armor. Racial Power: Voice of the Emperor - Calms nearby enemies for 60 seconds Racial Ability: Imperial Luck (adds extra gold to most containers) Play style: Battlemage

Nord - Skills: Two-handed, one-handed, block, smithing, speech, and light armor. Racial Power: Battle Cry - Enemies fless for 30 seconds Racial Ability: 50% frost resistance (vampirism can strengthen, see this page for more details) Play style: Offensive Warrior

Orc - Skills: Heavy armor, smithing, one-handed, two-handed, block, and enchanting. Racial Power: Berserk (60 seconds, you take half damage and inflict double in melee combat) Racial Ability: None Play style: Defensive Warrior

Redguard - Skills: One-handed, archery, block, smithing, destruction, and alteration. Racial Power:Adrenaline rush (regenerate stamina 10x faster for 60 seconds) Racial Ability: 50% poison resistance (does not help vampires, see this page for more details) Play style: Spellsword or Duel-Wielder

Once a player is done deciding on his ideal race for his play-through of his warrior, then it must decided what will be done with the character during gameplay.

Playing as a Warrior

Playing through the game as a warrior involves a lot of buying and selling items, whether you are a blacksmith, enchanter, or just need to get new weapons or armor warriors are constantly going to shops to buy the items they need and sell they items they don't so it would be a good idea to invest some perks in speech. Something else that is common to warriors is their need of good armor and weapons so it would be a good idea to train blacksmithing, enchanting, and/or alchemy so that you can make your weapons as powerful as they can possibly be (need help with combat perks, look at my combat skills tutorial). Once you finally get settled into how you are going to train and upgrade your warrior, you must now prepare for battle!

Fighting as a Warrior

Fighting as a warrior can range from just running up and slashing enemies to death, to a select mix of different weapons and strategies for different enemies and situations. While it is impossible to go through every scenario, I will just say that you want to keep your weapons as updated as you possibly can and you want to constantly have your hands full and focus on perks that will help you get the best weapons (and do the most damage) that you can possibly do against enemies. The same goes for your armor skill. Last, but not least, use your racial abilities. There are so many people that pick a race and get their abilities and then never use it! They to use as much as you can in battle to ensure that you win, and just in case you don't, make sure to save often! (thinking about making a thief or mage? Check out the thief version and mage version of this tutorial)


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