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Elebits for Nintendo Wii

Updated on April 10, 2008

My Review

I had played this a little when it first came out, but only recently did I really sit down and figure it out. I like the concept of the game that you zap little Elebits and collect Watts to clear levels, make electrical things work, and open doors, however it gets boring after a while. At first the controls were a little confusing to learn in that you move the camera view my pointing your Wiimote around the screen edges, but you also have to move your body with the control stick. Also, the special abilities your laser gets are frustratingly hard to make work. You are supposed to pick up the special ability and slam it on the floor or wall, but most of the time it does not activate. I finally just gave up on even trying them and beat the levels without them, which is not that hard.

Overall the game is fun as a single player game, but only for short periods of time every once and a while. Good boredom fall back game, but other than that not that great. Main thing is that it does not take long to beat the whole game. The other thing I dislike is that it has a multiplayer mode, but the mode stinks.

Elebits Screenshots


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