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Electric Shock Pranks: Use Electricity To Surprise Friends With These Hilarious Toys

Updated on March 3, 2015

When April Fool's Day comes around, what says I love you more than a quick, harmless electric shock prank? Okay, a lot of things. But there are few things more surprising than a pack of gum that gives you a jolt of electricity. These safe, inexpensive shocking joke toys are just the way to add some mirth to your home and office. Perfect for April Fool's Day, gag Christmas Gifts, or when you want to teach an unexpected lesson about electricity to your kids.

For anyone whose worried, these electric shock joke toys are perfectly safe. While it is not recommended you give anyone with a pacemaker an electric shock for any reason, for 99.999% of the population these are perfectly harmless. The high voltage, low amperage combination insures that there's a quick surprise, and no lasting damage. The skin will receive no damage and everyone will (hopefully) have a good laugh afterwards.

Shocking Pen Toys- Office Supply Pranks With Electricity

Imagine this: its April Fools day and your secretary got you good last year with a fake meeting from the regional VP on your schedule with no warning. Why not get them back with a cup full of electric shock pens replacing the normal, boring writing utensils in the drawer?

These electric shock pens look exactly like the real thing. The only difference? A click of the button meant to bring the pen tip out so work can begin instead results in a mild jolt of electricity. This can work on practically anyone. Use them as an April Fools Day Prank, a talking point, or leave a few on your desk when you get up for lunch to give whoever's been stealing your stuff a big surprise!

There are a number of different electric shock prank pens available, but most of them cost under $4. These easy to afford electricity-based pranks are so affordable it is easy to make sure everyone in your office has a spine-tingling surprise on their desk this year.

Electric Shock Gum

Hey, buddy, want a slice of gum?  Nah, nah, its mint, not that gross berry flavor. Yeah, go ahead and grab it. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzap.  Oh, oh, man. YOUR FACE. YOUR. FACE.  No, it wasn't static electricity, it was the GUM. Yes. Really. If you think I got you good, you shoulda seen my wife this morning!

When someone offers you a piece of gum, it is considered impolite to refuse. After all, what's the harm in a little gum when they're just trying to be nice.  There's no easier way to get someone to fall into this harmless electric shock prank than with a shocking pack of gum. This electric shock gum is easily concealed, safe, inexpensive and easy to pull out at a moment's notice.

Just be careful not to confuse your electric gum with the real thing when you're taking snack break.  There's nothing worse than alerting your potential victims to their imminent shocking than by having your own prank backfire.

Hand Buzzers- The Original Electric Shock Prank

Everyone remembers handbuzzers.  Accept a friendly handshake and what do you get in return?  A shocking jolt of electricity that'll make you stand up straight.  This classic gag is a throwback to the older (broader) days of comedy.  Take your April Fool's Day pranks back to the old school with these amazing hand buzzers.

Just slip them right onto your finger and go about your day looking for targets.  Perfect for kids or adults who never got tired of goofing around.

Other Shocking Pranks

There are plenty of other electricity based prank toys available. Want to get at a smoker? An electric shock Zippo lighter might be the key to success. Or maybe you want to get at a family member this Christmas by giving them a "budget" digital camera that actually administers a little electric shock when you go to take a picture.

Or, perhaps the best option is to go with the long con. Ask your spouse or the kids to go into the garage and look for some old knick knack. Then hand them off a prank flashlight. Flick the switch and the world might light up, but not because of a light turning. The only thing that will be lighting up is the unsuspecting victim.

Whatever electric shock prank you choose to go with, just remember it is all in good fun. Only use it on someone you know will appreciate the humor. Pranks should only be played on those you love and respect, so don't go around being pushing the envelope with people you don't know too well.

If you are interested in electric shock toys that go beyond simple pranks, check out this list of amazing toys and games that feature light electric shocks as part of the fun. These toy shockers will surprise and delight your entire family.


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      FunSquaredNovelty 7 years ago

      Awesome. I love the article. Shock pranks and gags are the funniest.

    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 7 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Everything in moderation. Flag up!