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Enviro-Bear 2000 Free PC Game Download

Updated on January 31, 2011
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For more free pc game downloads, visit: | Source

Are you looking for a free game that ticks all the right boxes? That has the right mix of nostalgia and innovation, challenge and humor, bears and cars?

Let's see how Enviro-Bear 2000 stacks up against the free downloadable game competition, shall we? We shall.

  • Broderbund style graphics? Check.
  • A bear that drives? Check.
  • Environmentally themed game? Check.
  • Free to download? Check.

Enviro-Bear 2000 is a driving based game with a difference, the difference being that the driver is a one-armed bear who can only operate the gear stick, accelerator, brake and steering wheel one at a time and whose sole aim in life is to pilot the car into shallow rivers teaming with fish in order to eat the fish and survive the winter hibernation. Oh, and there are also berries.

The game is a fun and independent offering that will certainly increase your awareness of the common bear as it approaches the winter season with only its wits and what may or may not be a 1985 Daihatsu Charade to get it through the tough season.

The game has multiple levels, which is nice, and they're not predictable either, which means that no two games of Enviro-Bear 2000 are the same. Some years are good years with plenty of fish and berries and others are lean years, in which the lakes and puddles have been fished dry, leaving the unfortunate bears to fight over the few berry bushes available.

The game is realistic, if such a term can properly be used in conjunction with such an endeavor in the sense that you are not the only bear foraging in your MS Paint world. No, there are plenty of other bears in beat up old cars also hurtling about the place, diving into rivers, slamming into trees and occasionally running in to you for good measure.

Unfortunately there are some glitches. There's no easy way to pause (or exit) the game and it is entirely possible to drive to the end of the blobbily illustrated world and then just get yourself stuck. Even reverse won't save you.

All in all, gamers with souls will enjoy this game. If you're a fan of independent game design and Clerks references, you will probably go all mushy, the way old people do over babies. Expect to rush up to Enviro-Bear 2000 cooing words that make no sense at all.

Download Enviro-Bear 2000


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