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Speaking, Listening & Action Robot - Erector Spykee Vox

Updated on September 21, 2010

Erector Spykee Vox

Erector Spykee Vox
Erector Spykee Vox

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Speaking, Listening & Action Robot - Erector Spykee Vox

Erector Spykee Vox Robot is almost like a human. He is an iron man, who can listen and understand many things you say, who can change his mood according to what was said and who can operate your TV, IPod or any modern electronic equipment as you want and do many things you want, just on your verbal command.

Erector Spykee Vox Robot

Erector Spykee Vox Robot
Erector Spykee Vox Robot

Erector Spykee Vox Robot can be named as a servant.

It is an obedient servant as well. You can get him to switch on and operate many electronics like your TV through its universal infrared remote control small card which activates on your verbal orders. You also can program Erector Spykee Vox Robot on many other tasks as well.

Erector Spykee Vox Robot can be named as a toy

Of cause it is a toy. You can play with it. Your kids too can play with it. He can play any music you love in stereo. He also can dance to the rhythm of the music. He understands 38 various voice commands and reacts to them with all his functional skills. He can talk and change his mood and facial expressions to what you say. He attacks with different fighting actions and laser sounds and lights. Like human characters you can make your Erector Spykee Vox Robot either as a ‘Good person’ or as a ‘notorious chap’ as well, optionally.

Erector Spykee Vox Robot can be named as a master piece of modern technology

This product was developed using most modern technology to identify vocal commands given through a voice it recognizes, and to react interactively according to the words you speak. No push button or touch response switches and no remote control governors or control livers to signal him or to operate him. Just by your words of mouth you can get him work for you. It is equipped with a universal TV remote controlling ability too, which is also working on your voice command. Erector Spykee Vox Robot too is compatible with MP3 player to entertain you on your voice command. It is programmed to respond to 38 verbal orders while leaving possibility for you to program it further on the way and on the commands you want. Spykee Vox is compatible with Ipod Nano and Ipod touch too.


Spykee vox robot can see obstacles coming on his path and avoid them too. You can also operate/ your robot via a program on your pc too, enabling you to create new actions, moods, lights and sounds.

Erector Spykee Vox Robot languages

Erector Spykee Vox Robots are manufactured in three versions, rather in three languages to understand and to speak and those are English, French or Spanish. So please order the correct one you need.

Erector Spykee Vox Robot

Erector Spykee Vox Robot is a great gift you can present to any child especially to a boy above 8. It can give fun, enjoyment and excitement to any person regardless of his/her age, sex or any other status. It is not too expensive either. If you buy it online, the cost would be just above a hundred dollars and also can obtain free Super Saver Shipping. It is wireless, codeless and switchless but useful, meaningful and cheerful which can make you and your kids happy with thrill and joy. 

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Erector Spykee Vox

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