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"Escape The Toy Factory" Walkthrough

Updated on February 10, 2014

Escape the Toy Factory Walkthrough

The following is a walk through to the newest edition of point and click style escape games "Escape the Toy Factory". Point and Click style online games are always fun and entertaining, and this point and click escape adventure is no exception.


In "Escape the Toy Factory" online point and click adventure game you are a young man who has been kidnapped by the evil owner of a doll making factory. He chains you in his factory in order for you to keep the boiler filled with coal and keep his machines running.


Like all point and click online games, the mouse is your only friend in this creepy adventure. Use it to click on objects that you find in the environment. You must used these objects in the correct manner in order to escape the toy factory.

--Escape the Toy Factory Walkthrough--

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In this walkthrough I will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to escape the toy factory in the least amount of time.

**Keep an eye on the boiler heat meter in the top left of your screen. If you let it get to cool, the machines will stop and the toy factory owner will come and deal with you; Ending the game. If it gets down to the yellow you need to Put more coal in it by clicking the shovel and dragging it to the coal.

Boiler Screen: After watching the cut scene and reading the note, You begin this fun and exciting tale looking at the boiler. Notice the coal to the right of the boiler and click the shovel to pick it up. Also pick up the brick on the ground. Almost immediately, you need to click the shovel and then drag it to the coal to fill up the boiler. Now, turn to the right.

Big Locked Door: You are now looking a door with a big pad lock on it. You can also see the chain that you are connected to. Point and click it to look at your foot. Continue right once more.

Conveyor Belt: You should now be looking at the conveyor belt. Immediately pick up the wrench underneath the conveyor belt. Also, notice the piece of paper stuck to the wall on the opposite side. If you click it you find that you need to stop the belt in order to get to it.

**Alarm Sounds: Boiler is Steaming: Around this point in the game the boiler should start steaming causing an alarm to go off. When this happens go back to the boiler and click and drag the wrench to the part steam is shooting from. This should fix the problem and buy you some more time. Also, fill the boiler back up with coal. If this hasn't happened yet, continue this walkthrough and do it when it finally happens.

Doll Machine: Assuming the alarm just sounded, turn left one time and you will be looking at the doll making machine. Upon further investigation, you see that you can click the number pad and enter a code to try to make a baby. Right now, click the crate with the recycling logo on it. There will be a small piece of paper taped to the top of the inside of the crate. Pick it up. If you look at it you see it is half of a code. Back up, and go left again.

Creepy Picture: You are now on the creepy picture screen. Click the file and the key(if you'd like). Turn left again and you will be again looking at the conveyor belt.

Conveyor Belt: Stopping it: To stop the conveyor belt there are red tabs on each of the circular rotors underneath the belt. You need to flip the first, third, and fifth tab from the left. The belt will stop. Click the wall behind the belt to cross over there.

Wall Behind Conveyor Belt: Pick up the piece of paper taped to the wall and and also the ladder. Back up.

Conveyor Belt: Your once again looking at the conveyor belt, Go right twice to the baby doll making machine.

Doll Making Machine: Now that you have the full code, enter it into the doll making machine and press build. A perfect new doll baby will come out. Pick up the doll baby and click it at the bottom of the screen. You will rip the head off and find a small padlock key. Go left three times back to the big door screen.

Big Locked Door: Click on the chain to look at the lock on your foot. Use the newly acquired key and open the lock. Now go right once and look at the conveyor belt.

Conveyor Belt: Click the wall behind the conveyor belt.

Wall Behind Conveyor Belt: Now use the ladder on the wall behind the belt to place it. Click the ladder to climb it and use the file on the window bars. After a clever cut scene, you find you have now finished the game.

I hope this walkthrough will help you in completing this great point and click adventure game. If you would like to find more fun online puzzle games you can check out this page.

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      ?? 5 years ago

      wht 1,3,5 ??

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      JasonPLittleton 6 years ago

      I'm having great learning here. Thanks.

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      Alana 6 years ago

      Ok i figured out the coal thing

      don't drag the shovel to the coal- drag it to the levers above the boiler door

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      Awesome 7 years ago

      How do you open the boiler and pick up the coal?

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      dezzi 7 years ago

      how do i open the boiler

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      gerr 7 years ago

      it will not let me pick up the coal !

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      Kelly 7 years ago

      I picked up the file but then it disappeared from my inventory... ???

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