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Escapecraft 3 Adventure Map: Custom Adventures in Minecraft

Updated on March 14, 2012
Escapecraft 1, 2, and 3 have been downloaded a total of 1,500,000 times, a record number for an adventure map.
Escapecraft 1, 2, and 3 have been downloaded a total of 1,500,000 times, a record number for an adventure map.

"You plummet through icy water, until you hit a smooth metallic surface. You gasp for air, and as your eyes adjust you see a long corridor. Beneath your fingers you feel the familiar fabric of a test-subject's jumpsuit, and know the number on yours reads '1090.' Time to get out of here”

This is the intro for Escapecraft 3, an adventure map mod for Minecraft that is the third installment in the popular Escapecraft series. This mod features dozens of different rooms, each with different challenging puzzles that lead you through the story to reach one of two possible endings. The mod comes with its own texture pack that allows you to get the proper atmosphere for the adventure map. Additionally, the texture pack can really help out with some of the puzzles, as many of the rooms are designed with the texture pack in mind, and there are a number of different secret areas that will be next to impossible to access without the texture pack.

The mod trailer can be found below:

At the start of the map, you will be in a tutorial room that outlines some new mechanics and the basics behind the adventure map, as there are several new rules that you must adhere to while playing the map. A few ground rules that are pretty standard for all adventure maps are:

1. You can only break blocks that you place.

2. You cannot craft any items unless explicitly told to by the instructions.

3. No spawning items using console commands.

4. Do not use other mods that could make the map easier.

5. Must be played on medium or hard difficulty.

The HD texture pack (32 x 32) can be downloaded from this link: HD Escapecraft3 Texture Pack

The actual mod can be found here: Escapecraft3 Adventure Map

Here are the installation instructions for the mod:

1. Download the file. Unzip it (but NOT the 2 .zip files in it)

2. Open Minecraft. Click the "Mods and Textures" button.

3. Click "Open the Mods and Textures Folder"

4. Drop the "EC3 Textures" .zip file in the folder that opens. DO NOT UNZIP IT!

5. Go "up" one folder (to the .minecraft folder). Then head to the "saves" folder.

6. Drop the Escapecraft v. # .zip in the folder that opens and unzip it.

7. Finally, in Minecraft select the EC3 Texture Pack under Mods and Textures.

8. Open EscapeCraft3 and enjoy!


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    • Bmm209 profile image

      Bmm209 6 years ago from California,U.S.A

      I often watch Youtubers play Adventure Maps. They're awesome! This one seems cool, too. Thanks for the advice!