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Event Scavenger Hunts

Updated on February 28, 2015
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FunScavengerHunts is here to try ind bring people together with scavenger hunts and photo scavenger hunts ...


Scavenger hunts are the perfect entertainment ideas, whether you are looking for something to combine with a party to make up one fantastic day, or you want a standalone long-term hunt that will played with teams and take up an entire morning or afternoon. You can use scavenger hunts for almost any occasion. Often times, the hunt itself revolves around a hand-picked theme that has to do with the occurring occasion. Today, we’ll be going through some of the basic and popular events that incredible scavenger hunts can be arranged for.

Easter, right off the bat, is one of the first and foremost things that springs to mind. Easter is a great time to host a scavenger hunt, whether you are a mom looking for something to entertain your kids, or a group of adults seeking some time to relax with friends. Easter already has a champion object that is used in many places as the star of most scavenger hunts: the Easter egg. People have fun painting the eggs in whatever stylized fashion they see fit at that time, and then hide them, challenging others to find the beautiful ornamental figure.

While the classic Easter eggs are already plenty of fun, Easter eggs have come a long way from hard-boiled chicken eggs. Yes, nowadays, we have the popular plastic hollow eggs that can be bought from nearly any department store around the time of Easter. Some people see these eggs as a shame to the marvelous customizable eggs that people worked so hard to traditionally decorate for years, but we all have to admit that these little plastic eggs are extremely convenient ways to surprise your scavenger hunters with a little treat inside of the egg. This puts a whole new spin on the Easter scavenger hunt tradition, as you can hide whatever candy, treat, or (if you want to choose the more sneaky and funny way) even a prank within the eggs. Easter truly is a classic time to stage your own adventurous scavenger hunts.

Easter, indeed, is a traditional time for scavenger hunts. However, it’s not the ONLY time for them, as there are plenty of other holidays and events that can be situations in which a scavenger hunt would be great sources of entertainment for people, young and old. Another popular time for scavenger hunts is Christmas season! Photo scavenger hunts themed around Christmas can make use of plenty of the beautifully attractive ornaments and decorations scattered throughout entire cities. If you wanted him to, Santa himself could be one of the things on your hunting list! Sometimes, though, you may want to opt for a more technology-free scavenger hunt where the hunters would actually have to pick up and obtain the item rather than just take pictures of it. In these cases, you may want to choose smaller items to put on your scavenger hunting list, like candy canes, or teddy bears; any of those things that are left lying around during Christmas time.

A more spooky time for scavenger hunts can be the one and only Halloween, where ghosts and witches can be the targets on your list of things to find. You can base your scavenger hunt around Halloween, or you can actually perform the hunt on Halloween night, and go looking for live action characters. Do you feel that your trick or treating days are over? Are you willing to try something different and unique this Halloween? Scavenger hunting for Halloween can be a highly joyous and entertaining alternative to the casual trick or treating. Entire parties can be built off of these Halloween scavenger hunts. Whether you choose to just keep your hunt a side attraction and also keep your trick or treating plans active, or you go all the way and schedule a whole Halloween scavenger hunt party, you are guaranteed, one way or another, to have loads of fun seeking out all the vampires, movies characters, and ghouls of the night.


Valentine’s day is the next holiday on our list of extraordinary times and places to host scavenger hunts. Valentine’s day, like any other holiday, has a rich history consisiting of controversial origins and creative stories. When coming up with your scavenger hunt’s details, it could be very helpful to use this background information to help accentuate the depth of your hunt, bringing your seekers deeper into the holiday and enriching them with new knowledge. Valentine’s day is an especially good holiday to build a scavenger hunt around because of this. While inspiring the participants of your hunt to enjoy themselves and have fun, they can also be learning some things that they may find intriguing.

Remember that riddles can help make a complicated and deep scavenger hunt all the more fun and exciting. Most people lovc the challenge that is put up by riddles, and put all of their effort into solving the riddle. Once the riddle is solved, they then have their hint for the scavenger hunt, leading them one step closer to being able to find whatever object it is they are seeking. One task for a Valentine’s day scavenger hunt could be to find all of the hearts or symbols of love that can see. The items can be a little more complicated than that, and that is where the riddle comes in. Instead of blatantly stating what it is the the scavengers have to be looking for, it is sometimes best for you to just give them a riddle or hint and let them try to seek out whatever it is they believe the riddle or hint is leading them to. This is also a really good idea when your participants of the scavenger hunt are going to be older people who aren’t going to be challenged or easily fooled by simple words or hints in the scavenger list. Giving them riddles and challenges is what keeps people interested in the hunt and also attracts new players and bright minds. Holidays and themes with rich background histories and interesting legends behind them can have especially good riddles and hints.

An event for you to base a scavenger hunt around can also be a trip somewhere, and doesn’t necessarily need to be a holiday or set time of the year. If you were to be on a road trip with some friends and happened to be passing through a local town, a scavenger hunt would be an excellent way to make use of some of your free time and get to know the area. You could come up with things that you know that you should be able to find in a town, or even look up things such as landmarks or items in public places. This would give you something to do in your free time and also provide a fun way to learn about the town you are visiting, as well as it’s history and culture. You could visit museums and parks in the town, or just stick to things that you should be able to see on basic drive-by views of scenery. The choice, once again, is all yours.

No matter what event or place you choose to host a scavenger hunt, your scavengers are guaranteed to have fun. Young or old, big or small, people love having clues and being left to find out the truths behind them. Any place, time, or holiday can be used as a basic guideline to a successful scavenger hunt, or even a detailed outline. You choose the setting and the details, and your scavenger hunt will, no doubt, be a blast.

© 2015 Brett


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    • Marcy Goodfleisch profile image

      Marcy Goodfleisch 3 years ago from Planet Earth

      That's a great idea - scavenger hunts designed around events! I love it! I've seen them for group parties, but I like the idea of gearing them to holidays. Nice hub! Voted up!