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Ever After High Dolls

Updated on July 10, 2013

Ever After High


Ever After High Dolls

Mattel is releasing a brand new doll line, a spin-off from Monster High Doll Universe the Ever After High Dolls!

We got quite used to seeing various sons and daughters of monsters and we have grown to love them, but there's always room for something new... Like Ever After Dolls! These are quite similar to the MH dolls, they are not your regular next door girls and boys, they are special as they are sons and daughters of famous and less famous fairytale characters!

Students at Ever After High - Royals and Rebels

This is how things work at Ever After High, if you are born as a daughter or son of a villain or of a mischievous character it is expected of you to become the same. You are either a Royal or a Rebel.

The first doll releases feature two Royals; the daughter of Snow White Apple White and the daughter of Sleeping Beauty Briar Beauty. We also have to Rebbels; Raven Queen, the daughter of Evil Queen and Madeline Hatter, the daughter of Mad Hatter.

I do believe this will be another success from Mattel, there are hundreds of different fairy tale characters they can use to make the new dolls, I can't wait for Prince Charming, daughter or son of Beauty and the Beast and others!

Which of these fairy tales do you like the most?

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Ever After High Dolls - Briar, Apple, Raven and Madeline


Dolls and Release dates

Doll Name
Release Date
Apple White
1st Wave
July 2013
Briar Beauty
1st Wave
July 2013
Raven Queen
1st Wave
July 2013
Madeline Hatter
1st Wave
July 2013

Will you be watching the Ever After High Webisodes?

Monster High isn't only known for their ghoulish dolls, a part of the fame goes to webisodes which helped to make the line even more popular. Mattel will follow their successful formula with Ever After High Dolls so you will be able to see what these enchanted girls (and hopefully boys) are up to at school.

The first webisodes are already out so be sure to give then a view!

The World Of Ever After - The First Webisode

Were they inspired by Scary Tales Dolls?


Are Ever After Dolls inspired by Monster High Scary Tales?

I do wonder where or when Mattel got their inspiration for this new doll line. There was a fairytale release of Monster High dolls last year that might be the inspiration for these. The Scary Tale was one of my favourite lines - it had a twist on Cinderella, Snow White and Little Red Ridding Hood.


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    • profile image

      Du Van Khanh 4 years ago

      My fav is Maddie hatter, shes so crazy beautyful