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The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft UHC

Updated on September 1, 2014

Starting Off Small

Before starting a real UHC event, it is recommended that you start off with just regular survival, but with the same effects as UHC. To get rid of health regeneration, type in this command:

/gamerule naturalRegeneration false

Once this command is typed in, your health will not regenerate unless healed by the three mentioned methods. If you'd like to turn it back on, change the word "false" to "true".

For now, just play survival on whatever difficulty you wish, but don't get used to that difficulty! You'll be playing on hard when the real UHC starts!

Peaceful might be a good idea when you first start out, since there are no hostile mobs and the only thing to be cautious about is fall damage. In Minecraft, you will take a half heart when you fall 4 blocks, and after that, another half heart will be deducted for every block you fall. This fact is very important whenever you play, so do not jump into a ravine and be careful whenever sprinting and jumping at the same time.

After this, switch to easy or normal so that hunger and monster spawning become an issue to deal with.

Always remember one key fact: You can never be too careful in UHC!

Understanding the Rules

In general, the server owner or moderator will decide the rules.

The main rule of UHC is that golden apples, instant health potions, and regeneration potions are the only way to regenerate health.

Another important detail is that the game is played on the difficulty hard.

The world will almost always be centered around the coordinate 0 0 and the border can range from 1500x1500 to 3000x3000. Sometimes the border will shrink and be smaller in cases where the border is a larger size.

Some servers will also have meetups or deathmatches so that the game does not last for a very long time.

Most servers will have restrictions on brewing potions, such as a ban on invisibility potions or regeneration two potions.

Some servers include player heads. If you kill a player, they may drop their head along with everything in their inventory. If you surround this head with gold in a crafting table, just as golden apples, you can obtain a golden head. Golden heads can heal health just as golden apples, but the amount of health depends on the server.

Make sure to understand these rules before playing on certain UHC servers.

Dealing with Monsters

Monsters such as skeletons and creepers pose as a dangerous threat to a player during UHC, so it is VERY important to treat these mobs with caution.

  • Zombies

Zombies do not pose a huge threat when gathering resources, but still should be treated carefully. Whenever a zombie is spotted stay at least two blocks away from it so it cannot attack you. Baby zombies should be treated with a little more caution since they are faster and harder to hit. Follow the same method as regular zombies, but be sure to hit it fast so they don't come running at you.

  • Spiders

Spiders can climb walls and are two meters (two blocks) wide but only a meter tall so they should be treated in a special manner. Spiders, if not dealt with carefully, will hit at least once since they jump as they attack. If you have the time, build a wall between you and the spider and then break one block in front of you and attack the spider. This is the safest method of killing spiders whenever you have little to no armor, but other methods can be used as well.

  • Skeletons

A skeleton can deal massive amounts of damage if not dealt with caution.Skeletons shoot fast and accurately and deal some knockback with every shot. Running at it like a zombie is not advised because you will take damage. If you are in an open area and you confront a skeleton and have little to no armor, run away! The skeleton can and will shoot you several times, and you will take damage that will cost you. If you are in a cave that is only a few blocks wide, block off the second space above the ground. Then dig one block down and wait for the skeleton to get close. Then attack its legs until it dies and continue adventuring.

  • Creepers

Creepers pose as a threat, but can be dealt with in an easy manner. If you find a creeper, attack it. As soon as you do, back up a few blocks and shield your sword by right clicking. If the creeper does not blow up, repeat this method until it dies.

  • Endermen

The one tip when confronting enderman is to leave it alone and look at the ground so it does not become enraged. Do not intentionally fight an enderman unless you want an ender pearl. (Ender pearls are almost never used nor needed because it will always deal at least two hearts of damage, but can be useful if immediate escape is needed during battle.)

  • Witches

Avoid witches at all cost! They throw an assortment of potions and their drops are not worth the fight. If you see a witch, run away and do not go back!

Enchanting and Anvil Combining

Combat can be very hard whenever you have less gear or less health than the opponent, so having good gear is very helpful during battle.

All gear should be enchanted and combined using an anvil for better power and protection against players and mobs.

The first five diamonds you find should be used for the enchantment table; three to make a pickaxe and two to craft the table. Mine all lapis lazuli, since that is also required to enchant. Every chance you get above ground, look for horses or cows and sugar cane, since these are needed to make a book. Making the enchantment table does require an assortment of items so it may take some time to find these items.

Whenever the enchantment table is crafted, armor, tools, and weapons can be enchanted for the cost of levels and lapis. One lapis is required for the first enchant, two for the second, and three for the third. The name of the enchantment is displayed as well, but the same three enchantments will be shown unless a different item is enchanted. These changes are very helpful but have the one drawback that it may cost more to get the desired enchant on the item. See below for a detailed table on important enchants for each item.

Once all your gear has been enchanted, combining the gear with other gear with the same enchantment in an anvil will increase the power/protection of that item. Anvils require 31 iron ingots total to be crafted, 3 iron blocks and four iron ingots.

One of the most crucial items to have in UHC is a bow. With a bow, you can deliver powerful shots from far distances, which makes close combat especially easy. If you can get a bow, immediately put power one on it, and if possible, get power two or three so that it can do extra damage. Most people prefer to put protection on their armor, which does NOT add extra protection to ranged shots, so bows can deliver crucial hits during battles. Having a bow can allow you to win any battle without losing any damage.

Possible Gear
Protects player from melee damage
Projectile Projection
Protects player from projectiles, such as arrows and fireballs
Fire Protection
Reduces fire damage and burn time
Feather Falling
Reduces fall damage
Damages attacker (extremely rare without bookshelves)
Increases damage dealt
Fire Aspect
Sets target on fire
Increases damage dealt
Sets target on fire
Increases durability
The table only lists important enchantments that can be useful to the player during UHC.

Advice While Adventuring

Whenever you are exploring, for any reason, follow these tips to stay safe and undamaged.

Above Ground

  1. Roofed forests are dangerous. The light level is low enough for monsters to spawn and can become a dangerous place immediately. Unless you spawn in one, stay away from this biome.
  2. During thunderstorms, monsters can spawn as well, so it is recommended to go underground to stay away from monsters.
  3. Be observant. If there are items on the ground, there is a high chance that there was another player nearby.

Below Ground

  1. Stay in one cave at a time. If a cave branches off or if there is a hole in the roof where another cave intersects, block off all entrances to those caves until you fully excavate the tunnel you are exploring.
  2. Always carry torches. This may sound obvious, but place torches every few blocks so that monsters can spawn there.
  3. Fences are a good way to see through a cave and it is still blocks off all mobs except spiders which are fairly uncommon.

Other Helpful Tips

  1. Press F3 + H to see the duration of each item.
  2. Apples only fall from oak and dark oak trees and have a 1/200 chance of dropping.
  3. Each armor point gives 4% of damage resistance.
  4. A sharpness 1 iron sword is stronger than a regular diamond sword.
  5. Youtubers such as SethBling, EthosLab, DinnerBone, VintageBeef, and PauseUnpause are great UHC players.


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