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How To Make Quick Cash In Old School Runescape.

Updated on November 30, 2013

The Product

This is the much sought after snakeskin, used to craft a variety of range based armors.
This is the much sought after snakeskin, used to craft a variety of range based armors.

The Overview

In this article I will be creating a complete guide for one of the best money making methods that exist in Old School Runescape. This method can easily create an average revenue of 500k gold per hour for your account. I have been doing this myself for the last couple of months and there is a huge, constant demand for this item. I will divide this article into 4 easy steps for you to follow. This is for accounts that have a combat level of 40 or higher, so nearly every player interested in combat can find this method extremely useful. And now, without further hesitation, (drum roll please) the guide will be on killing snakes on Mos Le'Harmless Island and collecting their skins! *As a side note, to players who already have completed the Cabin Fever quest and have access to the island, skip to Step #3.

This is an example of an account that has all of the necessary level requirements to complete the Cabin Fever quest.
This is an example of an account that has all of the necessary level requirements to complete the Cabin Fever quest.

Step #1: The Requirements

While this method is very lucrative, and almost universally useful for accounts of all levels, there are some quests and skill requirements that must be completed to access Mos Le'Harmless. Lets first start off with which quests you will need to complete to gain entry to this new area. Cabin Fever is the quest that grants you access to this island as a reward, however, in order to start this final quest, there are several quests that must be done beforehand. In no specific order, you must have the following 7 quests completed before starting Cabin Fever: Rum Deal, Pirate's Treasure, Jungle Potion, Priest In Peril, Druidic Ritual, Zogre Flesh Eaters, and Big Chompy Bird Hunting. This article will not be walking you through any of these quests, however they must be done in order to use this money making method. If you struggle with completing any of these quests, a complete detailed walkthrough of each can be found at

Along with these quest prerequisites, there are also skill level requirements in order to complete Cabin Fever and gain access to Mos Le'Harmless. It is recommended that you achieve these skill level requirements before starting most of the quests specified in the previous paragraph. This is because all of these skill level requirements are needed in order to complete one or more of the quest prerequisites from above. The following is a list of the skill requirements along with how to quickly and cheaply achieve them.

Level 50 Fishing- From level 1 to level 5 fish for shrimp with a small net at draynor village, east of Lumbridge. From level 5 to level 20, use a fishing rod and bait at the Draynor Village fishing location to catch sardines and mackerel. From level 20-50, use a fly fishing rod and feathers at the Barbarian fishing location to catch trout and salmon.

Level 50 Smithing- From level 1 to level 28, complete the quest Knight's Sword for a large bundle of smithing experience. From level 28-50, smith iron throwing knives from iron bars at the anvils just south of Varrok's west bank.

Level 47 Prayer- From level 1 to level 47, use the most expensive type of bones you are able to afford and sacrifice them on a gilded altar at a player-owned house. This will yield 3.5x the usual experience for burying these bones, and you are able to use a gilded alter at a friends (or anyone who lets you use theirs) house.

Level 45 Crafting- From level 1 to level 10, make leather gloves and then the highest level leather armor that you can. From level 10 to level 45, spin flax into bow stings on the second floor of Lumbridge Castle's second floor. This will also make you some good profit.

Level 42 Slayer- Use the highest level slayer master you are able to use and complete the tasks that they assign until you are level 42. So do this from level 1 to level 42. This is the hardest skill requirement to achieve, however you gain money and combat experience from training it.

Level 42 Agility- From level 1 to level 15, use the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course. From level 15 to level 40, swing back and forth on the monkey-bars in the dungeon underneath Edgeville. Then, from level 40 to level 42, use the Brimhaven Agility course, and collect the tickets and redeem them for experience.

Level 40 Range- From level 1 to level 15 kill goblins and rats with iron knives. From level 15-40 kill hill giants in the dungeon that you need the brass key for near West Varrok Bank.

Level 40 Farming- From level 1 to level 15 plant seeds in every patch you are able to in the allotment patches scattered around Runesape. From level 15 to level 30, plant oak saplings in the tree patches located in Taverly, Falador, The Tree Gnome Stronghold, and Varrok. From level 30 to level 40 repeat the previous process only this time plant willow saplings instead.

Level 30 Fletching- From level 1 to level 5 fletch arrow shafts from logs. From level 5 to level 10 fletch short bow(u)'s from normal logs. From level 10 to level 20 fletch long bow(u)'s from normal logs. From level 20 to level 25 fletch oak short bow(u)'s. From level 25 to level 30 fletch oak longbow(u)'s.

Level 20 Strength- From level 1 to level 20 use the best weapon possible with strength style attacks on, and fight monsters that range from levels 3-10 in combat.

Level 8 Herblore- From level 1 to level 3 simply complete the Druidic Ritual Quest. From level 3 to level 5 make attack potions. from level 5 to level 8 make anti-poison potions. (Hang on to these, you will need them for fighting the snakes).

The Island

This is the island which the money making method takes place.  The three snakes are located just North of the red minigame symbol on the eastern part of the island.
This is the island which the money making method takes place. The three snakes are located just North of the red minigame symbol on the eastern part of the island.

Step #2: Traveling

Once you have completed the Cabin Fever quest and all of the skill requirements from Step #1, it's time to get to Mos Le'Harmless. There are two ways to travel to the island. The first is by talking to Bill Teach aboard the eastern most boat at Port Phasmatys. The second is by taking a charter ship, which can range in price from 275gp-1025gp depending on where you launch from, by talking to a trader crew member at any port in Runescape. *It is important to note that the option to travel to Mos Le'Harmless will not appear for the charter ships and Bill Teach's ship until Cabin Fever is completed. When you arrive on the island you will be in the south west corner of the island. A bank is just to the north of the where you land, and here you should prepare for battle. Equip the best armor and weapons you are able to use, along with plenty of food and a few anti-poinson potions, and travel east. Your destination is the red icon that symbolizes a mini-game, as you can see on the picture of the island above. Make sure you have enough run energy saved up before you head out of the small western port city, because level 96 jungle horrors are all along the way until you reach the red mini-game icon. As long as you keep your hit points up you should have no trouble running through the jungle horrors. Once you make it to the red icon on the map above, you are ready to fight some snakes and make some serious money in step # 3!

Step #3: Snake Killing Techniques

Once you have made it to the North-East section of the Island near the red mini-game icon, you should come across three combat level 35 snakes, along with a deposit bank box. This step is relatively simple, kill the snakes in the area as quickly as possible, pick up the skins that they drop, and then when your inventory fills up simply deposit the skins into the bank deposit box. Then repeat. Some good tips and tricks for this method, are to pick a world that has a high player population. This will increase the rate at which the snakes re-spawn after you kill them, along with maximizing profits. You should be able to kill all three snakes in one minute, which means you are collecting at least 180 snake skins per hour. Once you are in the area, the jungle horrors that are surrounding you to the west should not bother you while you kill the snakes. Remember to bring anti-poison potions because these snakes are able to poison you without them. Also, remember to save enough food for you to be able to run back through the jungle horrors in order to get to a bank and restock on food and potions. This step is simple once you get a hang of it, and now that you are raking in snake skins, it is time for the final step!

This is an ideal setup for your inventory, along with a very good armor and weapon setup.  However, everything including the food can be substituted for lower-level gear.
This is an ideal setup for your inventory, along with a very good armor and weapon setup. However, everything including the food can be substituted for lower-level gear.
Here is a picture of the final product, Old School Runescape Gold!
Here is a picture of the final product, Old School Runescape Gold!

Step #4: Making The Money

This is the best and final step of all, now you are able to sell all of the snake skins that you have collected and rake in tons of cash, and you deserve it after completing all the quests and skill requirements . I suggest saving up one thousand skins, however this can really be any amount, and visiting The Old School Runescape: Price Guide on On this website you will be able to search the street price of any tradable items in Old School Runescape. From here you can do one of two things. First off you can create an account on their website, and post offers and set prices for each one of the items that you are trying to sell. You leave your Runescape username and people private message you in game to buy these items off of you. The second way is to simply search "snakeskin" in the search engine provided by the website and find people who are wanting to buy them for a certain price. You will private message these buyers and set up a meeting to complete the trade. So which ever method you choose to sell your snake skins, just follow these guidelines. First off, the going price should be between 3,000 gp per skin and 4,000 gp per skin. Post your offers on the Price Guide or look for offers to buy snake skins within this price range. There should always be someone willing to pay 3,000 gp as a minimum for each one. Remember to have your private chat turned on to public so that you will be able to communicate with the potential buyers that you do not yet have added on your friends list. Here is a table to show you the potential gp per hour that you can easily make. Now that you have sold you snake skins, you should have a large sum of cash, and a steady money making method for your account. I hope you found this guide helpful! Thanks for reading.

Potential Gold Per Hour

Snakes Killed P/h
Average Selling Price
Total Revenue P/h
3,000 gp
180,000 gp
3,000 gp
360,000 gp
3,000 gp
540,000 gp


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