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Evil Minecraft | The Evil Minecraft Mod

Updated on August 18, 2011

Green lava! Giant chickens! Chests that chase you! Evil Minecraft is a project blessed by the Mojangles in which everything is evil. All the things are evil. This will first be released as a mod, then later on as a total conversion. In the meantime we can enjoy the WIP videos being released by Team Evil Mojang, videos that demonstrate their dastardly powers in ways that would make an old lady tut and baby make a puckered face as if they'd just tasted lemon for the first time.

Evil Minecraft is a very comprehensive project that changes the very nature and ambiance of the game. There are entire new game mechanics, mob powers, sounds and songs. If you enjoy Minecraft, but aren't terrified enough when you play it, then the Evil Minecraft mod and conversion will be more than welcome, they will be essential.

At present time the Evil Minecraft Mod is a WIP, so no, there are no downloads yet, but if you refuse to leave here without at least downloading something evil, there's an Evil Mineraft Texture Pack. It's a 32 x HD texture pack with some innovative changes, like blood spattered tools and blue lava. Worth checking out if you're interesting in really getting into the evil Minecraft theme ahead of the mod's release.

Here are a few of the the previews already released by Team Evil Mojang.

Chest Mimics

It's always nice finding chests in dungeons, right? Not in Evil Minecraft. In Evil Minecraft some chests will be chest mimics and instead of containing useful and rare treasures, they'll grow legs and chase you until you are no more.


Pigs are usually sources of tasty bacon. In Evil Minecraft, Creepigs with red eyes are sources of tasty 'ow my face'.

Chicken Defense!

Chickens will no longer go softly into the night. Attacking them will cause them to grow large and shoot balls of fire out of their bodies.

Other upcoming plans for Evil Minecraft include:

  • Carnivorous pigs.
  • Traveling bands of pig men. (Both Mojang and Evil Mojang have a nigh creepy obsession with the notion of pig men.)
  • Wolf defecation.
  • Sledgehammers.
  • Fossils.
  • Blood.
  • Bloody water. (May the rivers run red!)

Other Ideas From the Evil Mojangs:

  • Disease. (Nothing in this world is complete without disease. Kill four diseased boars. Do it. Do it now.)
  • Craftable Bags. (If we're going to to craftable bags, how about an auction house and a mage tower?)

You can keep up with the development of Evil Minecraft by following the official Tumblr, The Nether of Evil Notch, or subscribing to Team Evil Mojang's You Tube Channel.


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