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Evony tips and strategies

Updated on December 29, 2010


The game of Legends
The game of Legends

Tactics to being successful (revised) 12/28/10

my best advice i can offer a new player in this game is as follows....

Attacking is an art form. and takes a lot of practice and a lot of troops to get it right. having a firm grasp on how troops fight and defend will help this. there are so many differnet things to take into account that i can't even begin to list them all. but i will offer these suggestions.

the best offense is a great defense. it is easier to defend urself than it is to attack someone

make sure to set ur suppresion setting to 0. you only need them changed if ur colony is uprising. otherwise an enemy could attack ur troops through ur colony. it is an easy way to kill ur troops without having to fight ur wall defenses.

if you're looking to go after a target some tips to follow.... if you think the fight may be to evenly matched and u don't wanna risk runnin low on troops best to wait. never take on someon you can't beat unless u got back up

when attempting to go after a Historic city make sure u get with TheChosen1. i will inform you of what you will need and go over everything with you and even walk u through it from start to finish if needed. also under no circumstances should you ever go after a HC alone. always make sure there is someone available to back you up in the event of a evony glitch your internet goes down or who knows. this way you something does happen they can finish it off and take it so your troops wouldn't have died in vain.

if you wanna prevent an enemy from attacking you make sure you keep a ton of scouts. if they can't see what you got they wont attack you 9 out of 10 times. there are the dumb ones who still would attack blind.

cav and phract will take out and be taken out by abatis. so when trying to clear abatis wall defense send small number waves like 100 or 1k at a time till its cleared.

scout bombs are a very handy tool when trying to hit a harder player who has enough troops to hold out. scout bombs will bypass wall defense and other troops and go right after the troops that have the higher number and or experience. typically archer are hit first my scouts. 100k scouts will kill about 18k- 25k archers.

cav crashes are another great tool. while they don't bypass wall defense they do however take out a lot of enemy troops. phract smacks are even better. again when trying to take out a lot of troops send smaller waves as stated previously.

balista bomb is w very devestating tool when used right. send with a full layer in front of them and watch 100k bals destroy everything in their path.

pults are very excellent to have behind in your cities for defense and can really do damage when attacking if sent right. send as you would a bal bomb.

when attacking a player or your being attack always keep this in mind cav will always fight first, then phract and then pike. now from here it depends on what u send and what they have. and how much of it they have.

when sending attacks that you know are gonna die and or possibly be captured send crappy heroes right out of the inn. so if you do lose them its no lose at all.

remember also your queen can't be captured. ever! so use the crap out of her.

if your trying to capture historic heroes make sure you have them quested. otherwise you can't capture them.

make sure to check and see if anyone has strats on a player so you don't waste any that someone else already did.

its ok to wait the hrs to attack again when a player ambushes you. let them waste theirs then when they run low and or are out and others try to stop you , you will have plenty to get out of it and put the hurt on them.

there are a bunch of different ways to build troops quickly. i will now go over some of them ....

assign each city to build one branch of troops. then when one is done have that city start making one of the other branchs to speed it up faster. then when those 2 r done move to another branch and so on.

another way is to use all cities to make one branch and get troops up quickly of a branch and switch back and fourth.

if your under attack i suggest closing your gates. the enemy can't kill your troops if they don't fight. this is not being cowardice and its certainly not retreating. its playing smart. you will lose less troops from them drafting you then you would from them kill them all. this will really annoy the enemy cause he knows the troops are there and can't kill them.

being colonized isn't a big deal. yes its means more moving troops but oh well its better then losing everything and having to rebuild it all again. its called live to fight another day. and believe it or not they have been using this system for hundreds of yrs and it works.

my goal here is not to make you follow orders. its not to make you feel overwhelmed. its simple. to make you the best evony player you can be. many players have this knowledge and don't share it willingly as i do. they would feel threatened. i don't. i want you to be better then me. i want the student to become the teacher. until then if you listen to the advice i set fourth and follow it to a T, you will see immediate results and will be glad that your evony experience has become richer and more fullfilling then ever thought possible.

i wanna take this time to thank each and everyone of you who take the time to read this and apply it to your gaming experience. pleas be sure to vote on my hub and myself as it will continue to allow me to make these informative guides for all of us to follow.




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    • profile image

      martinabinaford 5 years ago

      well gaza if you are still in need of them i think this is there web address

      filling address ,ring them if you need them in a hurry ,say martina put you on

    • Winkster78 profile image

      Winkster78 6 years ago

      please remember to vote up! its above the comments. id really appreciate it ty

    • profile image

      richard101 7 years ago

      i am a atarter and i say that this helps a lot but what about the starters i did not bulid 25k or even10 of troops yet and i only have 2k of troops that i have been saving up forever. you need to post some tips for new people.(i think i might trained more than 25 k of troops i hve so much gold. i have1,300,900 gold and did not use any for 5 days

    • Winkster78 profile image

      Winkster78 7 years ago

      i suggest the low number for those just starting out

    • TheNorwegian profile image

      TheNorwegian 7 years ago from Oppland, Norway

      good info !

      just think that you suggest a little too low numbers of scouts.

      At least dbl up and if you are under attack, use a high att lvl hero as mayor. That defend the city better.

    • profile image

      Meg 7 years ago

      Awesome thanks this is sure to help loads ; 0

    • lauralolita profile image

      lauralolita 7 years ago from Florida

      Sounds like an exciting game!