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Exploring Dungeons in Call of Gods

Updated on December 28, 2012

One among a gamut of intriguing features proffered by Call of Gods is access to explorable dungeons. Below lists said dungeons available as additional entertainment value to the browser game concerned and the corresponding prerequisite levels all players should attain in order to gain access to them:

  1. Cimmerian Dungeon at level 10
  2. City of 1000 Caves at level 20
  3. Boltrift Valley at level 30
  4. Spellbreakers' Roost at level 40
  5. Dragoncliff at level 50 
  6. The Burning Path at level 60
  7. Zaharal at level 70
  8. Desert Labyrinth at level 80
  9. Shrine of the Elements at level 90
  10. Pandaemonia at level 100

What to expect while exploring a dungeon

All listed dungeons basically consists of a gridded map, on which you are basically required to traverse from one panel to the other, unveiling in the process a variety of things that you should eventually come to expect. Such things include:

  1. Bronze, silver and gold treasure chests, both of which can be unlocked using bronze, silver and gold keys respectively to receive items of an intriguing variety.
  2. Caches of any of the four known resources: lumber, iron, stone and copper.
  3. Monsters, the species of which varies among dungeons.
  4. Boss monsters, again varying among not only available dungeons, the existing levels of a dungeon as well. Every boss monster you may or may not encounter in a dungeon all share the same singular number of health points, as well as provide an elevated amount of experience to those audacious enough to defeat any of them.
  5. A dense fog, concealing whatever may be lurking behind it, though as I've observed, it is much more likely to have you engaged in battle with any of the typical species of monsters that can be found in the dungeon you may be exploring, rather than endow upon the player anything close to beneficial (a cache of resources for instance).

Dungeons I've explored

Now a little way above level 30, I've had my fair share of experience exploring the Cimmerian Dungeon and the City of 1000 Caves, the details of which I shall lay out below.

Cimmerian Dungeon

Monsters that can be found here include Plunder Giants, Renegade Warriors, Shadow Lurkers, Crypt Scorpions and Carrion Bats. Boss monsters include Gray Horn and Taragar the Vengeful, both of which have one deceptive health point, which is capable of taking a couple of hits on your part. 

City of 1000 Caves

Monsters of level 20 to expect here include Giant Aquila, Geomancers, Black Widows, Undead Minion and Spirit Sentinels. Boss monsters include Eodor Swiftblade, Bowmaster Jochanan and Queen Arachnia, both at level 25.


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