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Exteel - The World's Best Online Game?

Updated on August 27, 2011

The Exteel online game has become wildly popular with online gamers. Assuming the mantle of a Mechanaught, you rampage about a virtual world, battling good and evil. MMOs, or Massively Multiplayer Online games, are an exciting way to avoid going outside and talking to the neighbors. While you're stomping around in cyberspace, you may as well blow something up.

Online challenges such as Evony or Plants Vs Zombies also present digital challenges, but Exteel stands out from the veritable plethora of games. The Mechanaught avatar is really cool. No online activity dresses up players in such an aggressive yet fashionable style. Fasten your seatbelt, grab a joystick, and get ready to rumble across the landscape in search of stuff to destroy.

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The Mechanaught, according to the Exteel gaming site, is a powerful bipedal walking war machine. Wow. A heavily armored and beweaponed behemoth, this dude wouldn't look out of place at a Transformers rumble. See him stomping down the street? Run.

He must have a very low center of gravity to hold that weapon without falling over. I doubt he'd fit in well at a GreenPeace covention.

The Mechanaught

An Exteel Mechanaught; you're about to have a really bad day.
An Exteel Mechanaught; you're about to have a really bad day.

Download the Game

Unlike most online games, Exteel installs on your computer. Games such as Evony are completely web-based, running in your browser, usually written in Flash. Exteel is a 450MB download. This strategy offers much better graphics and better client-side performance. On the downside, you probably can't play it on your iPhone.

Every download is a risk. Be sure of your source. Scan the package for viruses and don't turn off your firewall during installation unless you're sure what you're doing.

Exteel is Free

The initial download of the game client is free. Exteel interfaces with the NCoin system from NCsoft, allowing you to make micro payments for even more horrible weapons of mass destruction. You can spend money if you want to, but good luck wandering around the Exteel universe with default ordnance.

Exteel Gameplay


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    • profile image

      asukamash 6 years ago

      bkit na wala ang exteel philipines

    • bspider profile image

      bspider 8 years ago

      I'm not much into online gaming but a friend of mine is into "World of Warcraft". Love the "free" bit... :)